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Connecting social behaviours with marketing conversions

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Wondering which advertising investments are leading to the sale of your product/service? Now, you can find out! With you can easily see how social spending results in goal conversion.

Conversion optimization just got better!

What’s in it for you?

  • Measure the actual return from your ad spend
  • Identify reasons of underperforming activities
  • Reshape social media strategy based on attribution

Why use Attribution?

1) Social media data alone is not enough to assess results. Data analysis can help provide information on the current state but it doesn’t help to inform an ideal future state;

2) Social media data doesn’t take into account multi-touch attribution models, which is a must.

3) Gain a greater understand of the path-to-purchase, and learn how customer's journey to conversion through the social networks.

Who should use Attribution?

With, you are able to attribute conversion to each of the moments that lead up to a decision to convert.

It’s an ideal choice for agencies, media traders, and performance marketers focused on

  • Gaining clear insights all along the path to purchase
  • Connecting social behaviors to marketing conversions
  • Structuring data in a way that supports your attribution strategy
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No more confusion or frustration trying to crack the Google Analytics code. For Agencies and Brands, is the only source of truth!

How do you create
a Google Attribution dashboard?

Step #1

To create your GA dashboard, simply create
a dashboard by clicking on Create new dashboard
in the reporting view.

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Step #2

Choose GA Attribution in the dashboards models available.

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Step #3

You’re set!

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Step #4

At the top right-hand-corner, you’ll be able to choose the attribution models..

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Not sure which is the most effective attribution model for your performance marketing?
We’ll help you figure it out..