Written by the Marketing Team February 14, 2022

2 agencies, 1 challenge: Choosing the perfect social advertising platform.

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A day in the life of a digital marketing analyst

Although people can have the same job title & responsibilities, their working days often look vastly different. This is frequently the case for marketing analysts, with agencies using different software, tools, and processes. To illustrate this point, let’s take a look at a typical day in the life of 2 digital marketing analysts at 2 different digital marketing agencies – One of which uses Paragone for their daily tasks, and one that does not.

Digital marketing analysts are social media wizards

After a quick morning coffee, the analysts dive into the world of social media. Each agency manages a long list of social media marketing accounts for a range of clients. This includes Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more. On some platforms, there are multiple accounts for the company and its executives.

Digital Marketers at work

Setting up campaigns

While it may sound simple, in reality, setting up new social media campaigns is anything but. This is because:

  • Each platform has its unique capabilities, limitations, tone, and audience.
    • Think LinkedIn vs Facebook vs TikTok
  • Text and visual assets must be reviewed and approved by several teams to ensure they meet business goals and the network’s guidelines.
  • Each platform also has different image and text specifications, meaning more work for ad writers

This means that creating one campaign and copy-pasting it across channels is not an option. 
For the analyst that uses Paragone, everything moves much faster, as he has the option of bulk creating social advertising campaigns and quickly adjusting them to fit every channel. This leaves time to experiment with different content options and target groups. On the other hand, the analyst that does not use Paragone must do this all manually, taking up time and significantly reducing productivity.

“Our campaign creation flow is more powerful than platform native tools of any social media platform – It makes the process easier and faster, especially when creating many different campaigns and a lot of ads to manage.”

Dmytro Bilash, Product Owner @

Monitoring campaigns

As for existing social media campaigns, the analysts must analyze each campaign’s performance, which can be a time-consuming task if done manually with spreadsheets. Each analyst optimizes the campaigns, decides which ones should be paused or remain active, manages their ongoing budget based on ROI, and reports the results to all relevant team members.

Social media campaign monitoring

While this may sound fun, the truth is it is anything but. When done manually, using Excel, minutes can quickly turn into hours – leading to frustration for all involved.

This process also involves numerous dilemmas, as results are sometimes unclear, especially when human error is involved, as is frequently the case with manual data analysis. By the time the analyst does all of the above, there is very little time left to analyze social media results on a deeper level to offer additional relevant insights. The rush to complete the analysis also means that important information can sometimes be overlooked, such as the reason WHY a campaign performed well or poorly, rather than just the fact that it did or didn’t.

As for the other analyst, he easily performs the performance analysis using the Paragone platform for advertising analytics across all social media channels, campaigns, and ad accounts. This removes the time-consuming procedures, such as manual campaign analysis, leaving room for more in-depth analysis and creative brainstorming.

Instead of analyzing multiple campaigns manually, this analyst uses the actionable advertising analytics dashboards provided by Paragone to turn insights into decisions, actions, and most importantly, results. This can lead to desirable outcomes such as improved conversion rates when the right ads are shown to the right people at the right time.

Preparing Data for Meetings

Presenting data during company meetings is essential, but is it important enough to use so much of a digital marketing analyst’s time? Probably not. Still, analysts often spend hours cleaning and organizing data to make it coherent and presentable – Which is obviously not an efficient use of time. For our analyst using Paragone, intelligent reporting features that offer customizable dashboards are available on Paragone. These do the trick and save many headaches.

Paragone platform

The same goes for reports, which underline relevant insights for internal teams and clients. It’s great to see marketing budgets grow, but with that, reports become more crucial and complex to handle. This means more work for analysts conducting manual analysis, and more appreciation of Paragone’s intelligent reporting capabilities for the lucky few who use Paragone.

Removing time-wasters like email, meetings, and reports from a Digital Marketing Analyst’s day doesn’t just boost productivity. It also keeps employees happy. Given the many challenging tasks, our Digital Marketing Analysts face each day, making their day more manageable and efficient is a major win. Paragone’s digital marketing attribution platform offers that and so much more.

To give your team these superpowers.

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