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Written by Kat Peake December 12, 2019

2019 at Paragone: a year in review

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A lot happened at Paragone in 2019! We grew and evolved and expanded our offer. We’re excited to move forward into 2020 to make our product even better, but we wanted to take a moment to look at some of the highlights and milestones from this year.

Watch our video summary of our 2019 highlights below, and read on for details on some of our major events, milestones, and accomplishments in 2019.


We became a Pinterest Partner


This year, we were excited to add Pinterest to our offering. This addition to our growing list of partnerships it was another step in enabling our clients to unlock all digital ads potential and reach their customers across their path to purchase.

In terms of advertising capabilities, Pinterest has a breadth and depth of targeting and format innovations. Coupled with the commercial nature of the platform and the fact that Pinners are looking for branded content to engage with and discover, Pinterest has something to offer all of our advertisers.

When combined with the powerful cross-channel reporting on Paragone, the integration of Pinterest means our clients have an even more complete view of their online ads.

Captain Growth acquisition & AI recommendations

image (5)

AI is shaping digital advertising in big ways today, and we know it will continue to do so in the future. To help our clients better optimize their online ads, we have added an AI recommendation module to our offering!

Back in April, our parent company Perion acquired Captain Growth, a Ukraine-based AI startup. Their algorithm became the foundation of AI recommendations in Paragone. The tool helps optimize your online ads more efficiently than ever before. By ingesting campaign data, it produces actionable recommendations that will give your campaigns fresh success and level up performance in a single click. The recommendations are totally transparent, so they’re easy to understand and interpret, giving you the tools you need to make better decisions about your online ads.


Read how AI recommendations unlocked success for Fantom Agency.

You can see a preview of what our AI tool looks like in this replay from our Summer Series Live:

Uniting experts across networks

We were proud to organize a couple of events that brought together experts from across our partner networks. In June, we held MakeMeSell in Madrid, featuring speakers from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Snapchat, who presented the advertising solutions available to help today’s retailers scale their business.

IMG_3985Then in September, we organized Advertising Studio Live in Paris, with speakers from Facebook, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and TikTok. The focus here was holiday advertising: the all-important period from Black Friday through Christmas. Attendees learned about end-of-year trends, available ad formats, best practices, and other keys to holiday retail advertising success.

One of the key takeaways from both events was the value that the Paragone platform adds to what each network offers. “Google is a partnerships company, and we like to partner with companies like Paragone to build and customize the perfect solutions for certain segments of advertisers,” says one of our speakers, Carlos García Moreno-Torres, Channel Sales Strategic Partner Manager at Google.



We also sponsored and attended some great marketing and advertising events around the world! In February, we sponsored HubDay, a retail and e-commerce industry event focusing on the future of retail and e-commerce. There, Paragone CEO Pierre-Lou Dominjon took the stage with our client Socialyse to talk about a successful drive-to-store campaign with Hyundai France using the Paragone Franchise Feature.

Other event highlights include giving a conference at eShow Barcelona alongside our client Privalia, presenting our AI recommendation tool at AdTech London, and discussing cross-network advertising with Google at Paris Retail Week.

Paragone turns 10

2019 was a significant milestone for us, since this year we celebrated our 10th anniversary! It was an exciting moment to reflect back on how far we have come as a company since our earliest days. Our platform has evolved a lot as we’ve established partnerships with six major networks and developed more and more cutting-edge features to empower our clients to take their online advertising to the next level.

We celebrated our 10 years in style with a party at our offices with clients and current and former Paragone employees.

10 year party photos

Today, as we enter our next decade, we’re building our Digital Marketing Smart Suite to help clients plan, deliver, and optimize cross-network campaigns to match the way consumers behave online. We’re looking forward to our next 10 years of innovation!

2019 in eBooks

This year, we continued to provide you with the resources and expert insights you need to get even more out of your online advertising through our eBooks!

Here’s a quick summary of everything we published in 2019. If you missed any of them, just click the link to download and have a read!

MMR_LandingPage_ONLINE-AD-UNITED (1)Online advertising in 2019.

In this eBook, we cover the 8 major networks that make up the vast majority of digital advertising investment in 2019. The aim is to provide you with a vision of your different options, as well as details on the strengths of each network. We also throw in a bunch of best practices!




The complete guide to Dynamic Ads: 2019 edition.

In this eBook, we cover what Dynamic Ads are, how to use them, industry-specific Dynamic Ads solutions, as well as some tips from our experts. If you’re looking to take your Facebook Dynamic Ads knowledge to the next level, you’vecome to right place!



The ultimate guide to mobile-first marketing.

From discovering and researching, to comparing and purchasing on the go, getting your mobile marketing right is crucial to success in almost every industry. Written with our partner Fastory, this eBook is a step-by-step process to ensure your covering all your mobile marketing bases, and meeting the needs of your mobile-first customer.



The ultimate guide to online ads for offline sales.

For physical retailers of all shapes and sizes, the time has come when incorporating offline data into your online acquisition strategy is no longer a luxury or point of difference. It’s simply a must. Written with our partner Lengow, this guide will give you tools to help you accompany your customers throughout their customer journey, across online and offline channels.



The complete guide to advertising on Instagram: 2019 edition.

We’ve written an updated version of our guide to advertising on Instagram to keep up with the pace of change on the network—and to make sure you have all the information you need to get the most out of your Instagram advertising investment.


MMR_LandingPage_AI-AND-DAThe ultimate guide to AI & digital advertising. AI is busy shaping the world around us, and it’s changing digital advertising by leaps and bounds. In our eBook, we explore how AI can help advertisers work smarter and improve performance, build a successful cross-network ads strategy, and more.




The ultimate guide to holiday advertising.

The holidays are a key period for all kinds of businesses. Our eBook is a step-by-step guide to ensuring your online advertising is the best it can be all across networks at the end of the year.




The marketing agency of the 2020s.

Agencies have long held a key position in the world of

advertising and have evolved alongside shifts in technology and consumer habits. Now is a definitive time for agencies. What should the focus of agencies be today and into the future? Where can the agency of tomorrow add value? This eBook answers these questions and more!


MMR_LandingPage_CREATIVITYThe ultimate guide to creativity in digital advertising. Creative has always been a central pillar of advertising. Our complete guide is here to help you understand the impact that creative has on your digital advertising performance, and build great creative strategy.

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