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Written by The Marketing Team October 30, 2018

With Paragone, agency life is a dream for IPG Mediabrands

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In Belgium, the team at IPG Mediabrands use the Paragone platform to deliver on their clients’ social advertising needs. Working with the solution day-to-day, the agency has come to view it as a crucial pillar in the value they provide to their clients.

logo-for-open-graphIPG Mediabrands is an agency group for the 21st Century. With 10,500 marketing communication, media and technology specialists in over 130 countries, the organisation is committed to providing valuable solutions to the world’s top brands.

A preview of our success story

In our full success story, Joan Lambert (Social Strategy & Operations Supervisor) and Zaki Lahbib (Social Ads Manager) share their thoughts on specific benefits driven by Paragone:


“With its strong user interface, the process of setting up campaigns is much faster in Paragone – we estimate it’s around 50% faster than in Facebook Ads Manager”.


IPG Mediabrands enjoy the simple and intuitive campaign creation flow in Paragone. “Setting up a campaign doesn’t cause any confusion, evenfor the newest members of our team”.


“Today, we can easily grant our clients access to their own ad accounts and a corresponding Helicopter View dashboard, which displays the live results of theircampaigns’ performance”.


“Since Paragone integrates multiple platforms, we have a clear and actionable overview of our clients budgets across social media channels”.


“The ‘Paragone objective’ feature is useful to set ourselves metric goals for specific campaigns, and we are then able to easily track progress with color-coding. If any of the metrics are orange, we know we need to look at the campaign performances more closely”.


“We are often managing campaigns with a huge amount of assets, so we’re really happy not having to edit every creative separately, if ever we find an error while the campaign is running”.

Click to read the full Success StoryLoterie NationaleBMW

Read the full success story, where you’ll get more information on how specific features in the Paragone platform helped create the benefits outlined above! The full success story covers the Helicopter View dashboard and the Automation Center in more detail, pulling in examples of campaigns from IPG Mediabrands’ clients: BMW and Loterie Nationale.

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