Written by The Marketing Team July 17, 2019

Introducing the ultimate guide to AI & digital advertising

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Artificial Intelligence is busy shaping the world around us, and it’s changing digital advertising by leaps and bounds. Marketing runs on data, and the machines and algorithms we have today can process and leverage that data more quickly and efficiently than unassisted humans ever could.

networksAI is already an integral part of all major advertising networks. It’s behind the scenes processing the massive quantities of data running through each major social network at any given second. AI also powers almost all of Google’s products, including their many ad tools. We walk you through how these features available across networks help you as an advertiser.

New tools for better advertising

The last few years have also seen the introduction of a multitude of AI tools touching almost every facet of marketing. Our guide covers the AI tools that are making it possible to optimize performance, create more impactful ads, and measure performance more efficiently than ever before. We also cover how it’s making it possible for advertisers to understand customers better than ever before, and use that knowledge to have one-to-one conversations with them, delivering better ad experiences.

On top of all of this, AI is a key part of the solution to building a smart cross-network ads strategy that breaks down the barriers between channels, and creating a meaningful ads journey.

Our eBook

Our guide to AI & digital advertising is your resource to understand the impact of AI on online ads, and the tools you can leverage today to get more out of your ads. Download our eBook and learn:

  • MMR_LandingPage_AI-AND-DAWhat exactly we mean when we talk about Artificial Intelligence.
  • How AI can help advertisers respond to evolving customer expectations by delivering more personalized ad experiences & why it’s important.
  • Where AI is integrated in advertising tools in social media and on Google.
  • The AI tools that are helping advertisers work smarter and improve performance through the entire advertising cycle: optimization, dynamic creative, measurement, and consumer & competitive intelligence.
  • How AI can be an asset in building a successful cross-network ads strategy.

Download the complete guide to learn how you can be leveraging AI in your online ads today!

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