Written by the Marketing Team November 29, 2021

AI tools to help you save time and optimize performance

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Artificial Intelligence is changing the game when it comes to online advertising, disrupting traditional models and mindsets. And it has become a key component of ad tools across networks that can help you boost performance, deliver better ad experiences to customers, and save you time and effort.

AI can be especially powerful when it comes to optimization. There are a lot of different variables in youronline ads, from creatives to targeting to bidding and more. All of these moving parts mean that it can be hard to know where your can do better with your advertising. For a long time, advertisers have had to simply test different variables and draw their own conclusions of where they could do better’97a slow process, and one that is bound to leave certain opportunities untapped, since humans simply don’92t have the same data processing capabilities as algorithms do.


AI-powered optimization tools on Google and Facebook

Now, across channels’97and particularly on Google and Facebook’s AI-powered tools have been developed to help you work smarter and optimize campaign performance. Here are some of the most powerful tools across networks that you can leverage today.

Google Ads Smart Bidding

This automated bid strategy uses machine learning to optimize for conversions or conversion value in each and every auction. Smart Bidding takes into account many contextual signals, including device, location, and more, to adjust bid optimizations. And, it lets you set performance targets and customize settings according to your business goals.

Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA)

This AI-powered targeting tool helps you find customers searching for exactly what you offer. Shoppers turn to Google Search to refine their options and find the offers that best correspond to their needs. Built with this in mind, Dynamic Search Ads is an innovative tool that creates greater relevance for users by dynamically pulling in part of the user’s search query into the heading of the search ad. different roads logo small

See how our client Different Roads used Google DSA as part of their summer 2019 cross-network ads strategy!

Facebook Budget Optimization

This tool from Facebook automatically optimizes campaign budget across ad sets by distributing budget to top performing sets in real time. It’92s available for any campaign objective, and can be an efficient way to increase return on ad spend and lower the cost per result.


Cross-channel optimization with AI recommendations

In addition to the tools available on individual networks, AI can also be a powerful solution to get more of your ads across networks, effectively helping you break down the silos in your online ads.

Here at Paragone, we’ve developed a feature to help you do just that! Our AI recommendation engine delivers specific, actionable, network-agnostic recommendations to help you optimize and get more out of your ad spend.

How does it work? The algorithm ingests and analyzes ad performance data and delivers recommendations that you can decide to accept or reject according to what fits with your global strategy. The recommendations include all factors that can affect your ads performance, like the audience, bid strategy, budget, creative format, placement, and much more. The recommendation engine sifts through your data more quickly than any human could, helping you focus more on strate


Want to see for yourself how it works?





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