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Written by The Marketing Team August 17, 2018

Complementary Snapchat & Facebook campaigns drive down CPM for blackpills

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A video-on-demand service that produces and distributes exclusive shows, blackpills was created for mobile. They offer content that is fun, raw, intense and liberated, optimized for mobile.

With the goal of becoming the new TV, blackpills produce both scripted and unscripted content, and rely on social advertising as their primary acquisition channel.

Snapchat fits a young audience

To reach their mainly young audience, and promote a number of their exclusive series, blackpills looked to complement their Facebook advertising activity with similar campaigns on Snapchat. All ads had the objective of driving mobile app install, through Snapchat’s swipe-up CTA format.

Vermin blackpillsThe Snapchat campaigns featured creatives highlighting influencers and famous YouTube personalities, as well as snippets from select episodes available on the blackpills app.

From short clips of animated series Vermin, to day-in-the-life videos featuring well-known french rapper Mister V (promoting a documentary available on blackpills), the ad creatives were compelling and attention-grabbing.

Impressive Results

The results suggested these creatives resonated well with the audience, with the more than 21,000 app installs so far coming at an average cost-per-mobile-app-install 43% below the initial objective!

CPM on Snapchat was also well below that of Facebook – 63% lower in fact! This suggests Snapchat could be a great option for advertisers looking for broad reach at a cheaper price.
Impressive results from blackpills on ParagoneRead the full success story here

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