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Written by The Marketing Team October 24, 2018

BUX see results with Facebook Stories ads

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Having managed their social campaigns via the Paragone platform for three years now, BUX decided to test a new placement in a recent Facebook advertising campaign: Facebook Stories ads. They tested this new placement as part of a mixed-placement campaign which also featured ads in the Facebook news feed on mobile and Instagram Feed.

What is BUX?bux logo

BUX is a free app allowing users to explore the world of trading. With BUX you can trade CFDs for stocks, indices, forex and oil – all with low transaction fees – or with a free demo account.

Ads in Facebook Stories

The launch of Facebook Stories in March 2017 effectively signalled the social giant going ‘all-in’ on the stories format. Ads in Facebook Stories became available to all advertisers in late September 2018, and they currently work in a similar way to ads in Instagram Stories. Almost identically, these full screen vertical ads appear between Facebook user Stories. Photo Stories are visible for 5 seconds, and Video Stories up to 15 seconds, or until the user swipes out of the story. Supported objectives for Facebook Stories ads include traffic, reach, conversions, video views, app installs, lead generation and brand awareness.

BUX Facebook Stories AdsBUX Facebook Stories Ads

The Results

CPI HALVEDAlthough delivery was lower than other placements (since Facebook Stories is still a relatively new placement), BUX were impressed by the results of the initial test. With a CPM around 79% lower than that of the ads in the Facebook and Instagram news feeds, BUX was able to reach their target audience more cheaply in the new placement.

BUX was most happy with the Cost-per-Install (CPI) – a metric of particular interest for them. The average CPI for Facebook Stories ads was under half that of installs from ads in Facebook and Instagram news feeds.

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Our ‘StoryBook’: the ultimate guide to stories

Stories are the ‘it’ format. Facebook in fact noted earlier in 2018 that sharing in Stories is set to surpass sharing in Feed (across Facebook and Instagram) in 2019. Users around the world have latched on to this new way of posting and interacting.

And now smart brands are leveraging the opportunity, using Stories across social networks in innovative ways, to connect deeply with their audiences and drive purchase and loyalty through advertising.

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