Written by The Marketing Team April 2, 2019

Captain Growth acquisition to bring new level of AI power to Paragone

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Captain Growth

AI is no longer the future of marketing – it’s already here, and it’s reshaping our trade like nothing before.

Captain Growth, a Ukraine-based AI startup, has this week been acquired by Perion. Paragone, as a member of the Perion group, is set to reap the benefits of this acquisition, with Captain Growth’s powerful AI capabilities being integrated into our platform.

What does this announcement mean?

We know, as a marketer and online advertiser, you’re always looking for ways to further improve performance. It’s a constant search for the “one percenters” that could take your performance up a notch – the tweaks and optimizations to your ads and campaigns that could lead to fresh success!

With this acquisition, we’ve taken a big step to helping you work smarter, by leveraging the cutting-edge AI developed by Captain Growth. With the promise of allowing marketers to deliver more relevant messages, at a greater scale, throughout the entire ads journey, we believe we’ve found a game changing technology!

What does Captain Growth’s technology actually do?

Captain Growth and ParagoneFounded in 2017, in less than two years, Captain Growth has rolled out their vision of replacing the classic AI system with something far better. Instead of the ‘black boxes’ marketers have had to accept in the past, Captain Growth’s solution provides control of functionality, as well as transparency and, crucially, the ability to find and scale your most valuable ad units.

Captain Growth’s AI effectively ingests and analyzes ad performance data – including results by segments, creative and budget – and delivers “Value Unlock” recommendations which users can accept or reject.

  • Perhaps the algorithm notices that your ads are performing better when users see them on mobile, and recommends shifting more budget to mobile device targeting.
  • Or that you are overspending on underperforming ad sets, with the recommendation to save money by reducing spending here.

These are just two quick examples of recommendations which, once simply accepted by the user, are applied automatically and immediately to your campaigns. In just a few quick clicks you’re on your way to levelling-up performance based on best-in-class AI recommendations!


platform-reachyAdded to that, as more networks are incorporated into the Paragone solution, the integration of Captain Growth’s AI capabilities will enable further cross-channel synchronization and intelligence. As the integration unfolds, campaigns built and run on Paragone will be optimized based on which placement best suits your goals, all driven by advanced AI calculations.

In conjunction with the expanding Paragone suite, the added value of intelligent AI will deliver a new level of pre-campaign planning and real-time, cross-channel recommendations while campaigns are running.

Final thoughts

Doron_Gerstel“The level of AI sophistication that Captain Growth brings represents an important step in executing our strategic vision and plan” said Doron Gerstel, CEO of Perion. “With Captain Growth’s proprietary ‘Value Unlock’ technology, our synchronization will now give brands the critical ability to benefit from putting the best-performing units in front of the right users at the right time – for unprecedented cross-channel engagement.”

Captain Growth

“We couldn’t think of a better home for Captain Growth, and better partners than Mr. Gerstel and his team,” said Dmytro Plieshakov and Dmytro Bilash, co-founders of Captain Growth. “We believe that the integration of our platform into Perion will deliver unprecedented growth opportunities to brands who are focused on both deep relationships with users, and key performance drivers.”


“Captain Growth’s AI capabilities are exactly what we were looking for to take the Paragone solution to a new level,” said Pierre-Lou Dominjon, CEO of Paragone. “We know marketers are looking for user friendly tools that add significant value to their campaigns, whilst making their lives easier. With the integration of Captain Growth’s technology, we’re confident our solution will continue to surpass our clients’ expectations and help them get the very best from their digital advertising investment”.

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