Written by The Marketing Team December 10, 2019

Introducing the ultimate guide to creativity in digital advertising

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Creativity has always been a central pillar of advertising, since long before the age of digital. It’s the vehicle that tells your brand’s story. Your creatives evoke an emotional response in the people seeing your ads,  helping them remember who your brand is and what it stands for.

As advertising has moved increasingly online, creativity has not become any less important. In fact, in these days when consumers see ads no matter where they navigate online, it’s more important than ever for brands to have impactful creatives that create memorable experiences and make them stand out in the crowd. To help you do this, we wrote an eBook on creativity in digital advertising.

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Creativity drives performance

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We wrote this guide because creativity is really key when it comes to the performance of digital ads across networks. And it’s no surprise! Platforms are increasingly visual. Networks like Instagram and Snapchat place an emphasis on images and video above all else. Pinterest acts as a visual online catalog for its users. Visual content earns more user interaction on Facebook. We could go on.

So it makes sense that great creative drives great performance. According to a study by the Google Media Lab, approximately 70% of the success of a brand campaign is driven by creative. And high-quality creative increases ad viewing time by six, and nearly doubles purchase intent when compared to low-quality creative.

High quality creative also equals a high return on investment. The Harvard Business Review found in their research that a euro invested in a highly creative ad campaign had, on average, double the sales impact of a euro spent on a non-creative campaign.

Our guide

Our guide is here to help you understand the impact that creative has on your digital advertising performance. It will also help you build a great creative strategy and develop ad creatives for better performance across networks. In this guide, you’ll also learn:

  • MMR_LandingPage_CREATIVITYHow to define creativity in advertising
  • How creativity impacts performance
  • How to build a great creatives strategy, along with some best practices and expert tips
  • Creative ad formats across networks, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google, plus best creative practices for each network
  • Tools to help you build better ad creatives
  • How to measure creative performance

Download the eBook today to start boosting your creative performance!

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