Written by Kat Peake August 22, 2019

1 campaign, many audiences: discover campaign axes

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You don’t always want to show every ad to everyone in the audience you’ve created for your ad campaign. And when your campaign is large in scale, managing and structuring your ads can be time-consuming and take a lot of effort. But we have a solution! Thanks to campaign axes in the Paragone platform, you can easily determine which ad will be shown to which users, all while gaining in efficiency in your campaign management and analysis.

How do Paragone campaign axes work?

Using campaign axes in Paragone is simple. You start by selecting one or more audiences, and then one or more creatives to go with your selected audience(s). It’s as simple as that! An axis can contain multiple audiences and creatives. You can generate up to 100 axes per campaign, giving you lots of flexibility in your campaign management. Using axes instead of creating several different campaigns also saves you lots of time.

campaign axes 1

Campaign axes are automatically color-coded so you can keep track of everything at a glance. You can use filters to gain even more efficiency. And you can also name your axes, giving you more control and making it easy to reuse the information in each axis.

Improve your campaign management: 4 use cases

Campaign axes have plenty of practical applications. They can help in the management of all kinds of campaigns. Here are some examples!

Multilingual campaigns

If you’re running your ads in a country or a region where people speak two or more languages and you’re trying to reach all of them, campaign axes make it easy to split your audiences according to their native language. If you’re running a campaign in Belgium, for example, and you want to reach both French- and Flemish-speaking audiences, you could create one axis associating your ads in French with French-speaking audiences, and then do the same for Flemish. This saves you time setting up your campaigns, and makes it easier to analyze their performance.

Targeting by gender

If you’re advertising products that are suited to different genders like clothing, for example, campaign axes can be a great solution to efficiently manage your ad targeting. Instead of running separate campaigns for men and women, just set up axes with the creatives corresponding to the gender more likely to purchase those items.

Targeting by age

Your company may be advertising products that are better suited to one age demographic than another. If you’re a financial institution, for example, some of the products and services you provide might be suited for people in the 35-54 age bracket, while others are intended for retirees. In Paragone, you can set up an axis for each of these audiences, so they’ll only see the products intended for their demographic.

Split testing

You can leverage campaign axes to improve performance through split testing. Maybe you have several creatives for your campaign, but you’re not sure which ones will resonate best with different audiences. By setting up axes for your campaign, you can gather the data you need to adapt your targeting and boost performance.

Try campaign axes for yourself!

Interested in seeing how Paragone campaign axes can increase efficiency and make your life easier? Book a demo of Paragone today!

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