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Written by Kat Peake September 4, 2020

Drive sales with Pinterest ads this fall!

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Depending on where you are in the world, you might already feel that little chill in the air telling you fall is coming. Kids are back to school, most of us are back to work, and we’re planning the next few months both personally and professionally.

In this season of planning new projects, it’s a great time to take a new look at your brand’s presence on Pinterest. And if you’re not on the network yet, it’s a great time to get started!

Pinterest is where users come to dream and plan events and projects, big and small. Pinners use their boards to plan everything from weddings and parties to home improvement projects and back to school wardrobes. As they build their boards, they’re on the hunt for new ideas and new products.

Why advertise on Pinterest?

Because users are on the lookout for new products, it’s a great platform to capture the attention of people with high purchase intent. In fact, some 90% of users use Pinterest to plan purchases. It’s a practical, central location for users to discover and compare new products.

Pinterest users also expect to hear from you: 78% of users say it’s useful to see content from brands.

As an e-commerce business, Pinterest can therefore be a powerful place to reach new customers at just the right time in their journey to purchase. This year, Pinterest even rolled out some new social commerce features to help businesses better reach their customers.

Pinterest has some powerful ad features to help your customers find the products in your catalog that are most likely to interest them.

Capturing buyer intent with Pinterest ads: best practices

Pinterest has ad formats and objectives that let you reach customers through the full funnel. By getting your ads right on the network, they can really be an asset in driving sales for your brand. Here are some of our favorite Pinterest ads tips for this fall (and beyond!)

Go vertical with your visuals

Pinterest also recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio to avoid having your images be cut off. We recommend using high-quality images. Pinterest is a highly aesthetic network—users are here to dream about their ideal outfits, home decoration, and more. So to grab the attention of your audience, your images should look flawless.

Lights, camera, action! Try video ads

It’s well known that video content performs well on social, and Pinterest is no exception. Statistically, video actually does extremely well on the platform. Between 2018 and 2019, Pinterest saw the number of video views multiply by 6. And video ads on Pinterest earn three times as many views as video ads on other mobile networks!

Make sure your ad copy is on point

Pinterest has a powerful search feature to help users discover the kinds of ideas and products they’re interested in. Your ad copy is therefore an important tool in helping users discover the products in your ads. Having accurate and detailed titles and descriptions is key.

Make the shopping experience seamless

Shop the look pins are a really cool feature that let users purchase items in a given pin directly on Pinterest. There’s great news for e-commerce businesses: you can promote these pins! That means you can reach your customers with an ad that makes the shopping process super seamless. If they like one of the items in your promoted pin, they can buy it without ever leaving the site.

Back to school on Pinterest

We recently hosted a webinar on back to school advertising. In it, we discussed why Pinterest can be the perfect network to reach parents preparing for the season. Here’s a clip:



Want to learn more about Pinterest and back to school ads? You can download the full webinar recording here.

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