Written by The Marketing Team May 15, 2018

EVENT: Optimize your summer sales performances with Snapchat

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An eMarketer report from July 2017 placed the value of the retail market in Western Europe last year at US$3.818 trillion. During the summer sales period starting in June each year, no less than 26 million people take to the internet to get the best deals, spending an average of 199 euros each! Retail in Europe is a big, established market – and a crowded one!

summer sales periodSo how will your retail or e-commerce business stand out in the all-important summer sales period? How will you cut through the noise and beat your competitors?

Snapchat advertising! It’s fresh, it’s fun and it’s delivering real business success for our clients. It’s helping them cut through the noise in crowded markets and reach new audiences they weren’t previously in contact with. Did you know?:

snapchat advertising


Come along to our next deep-dive event in Paris, where our expert panel will guide you through some keys to success during the summer sales. Held on the 6th of June at the offices of Snapchat France, this is one event you’ll regret missing!

Our panel, featuring Emmanuel Durand (Country President & GM, Snap Inc.), Martin Mangez (Creative Strategy Lead, Snap Inc.) and our very own Pierre-Lou Dominjon (CEO, Paragone), are excited to meet you!


Paragone Snapchat event panel

They will make it their mission to showcase a series of Snapchat best-practices you can put to work before and during the summer sales period, to ensure you see success.

The details:
When: Wednesday, June 6 2018. 9am – 12pm CEST
Where: Snapchat France, 16 rue de la Rochefoucauld, 75009 Paris
NOTE: this event will be run fully in French.

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