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Written by Kat Peake March 19, 2019

Facebook is replacing the Relevance Score

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Facebook announced in a blog post last week that three major changes are coming to its ad metrics in April, with the relevance score notably being eliminated.

Never fear – Facebook regularly updates ad metrics to better serve the needs of advertisers and improve transparency. Facebook already updated a bunch of metrics in 2018. This particular update will eliminate certain existing metrics to replace them with ones that provide more precise and relevant information.

Say goodbye to Relevance Score

Facebook introduced the relevance score in 2015 as an indication of how relevant an ad is its target audience. The aim was to ensure users were getting value from their time on the platform. And relevance score is an important factor when it comes to ad delivery: a high score translates to more efficient delivery (usually at lower cost). Now, the relevance score in its current form is on its way out, to be replaced by three new metrics as of April 30th:

  • Quality ranking, your ad’s perceived quality compared with ads competing for the same audience.
  • Engagement rate ranking, your ad’s expected engagement rate compared with ads competing for the same audience.
  • Conversion rate ranking, your ad’s expected conversion rate compared with ads that have the same optimization goal, competing for the same audience.

This update to relevance metrics will offer more nuanced insights, helping you better understand what aspects of your ads to improve.

Introducing more actionable metrics

Facebook will also be removing six other metrics in favor of new, more actionable ones. Here are the metrics on their way out, and what they will be replaced with:

  • Offers Saved and Cost Per Offers Saved will be replaced with a Post Saves metric, measuring which ads are being saved by users. The new metric covers the information that was provided by the two it is replacing, while also improving insights on post saves.
  • Messaging Replies and Cost per Messaging Reply will be replaced by New Messaging Connections and Messaging Conversations Started. These new metrics are more precise than the ones they are replacing, measuring new conversations and conversations started after a period of inactivity the kinds of messaging connections that are most useful to advertisers.
  • Mobile App Purchase ROAS and Web Purchase ROAS will be replaced with a global Purchase ROAS metric that is aggregated across channels web and apps to better correspond to today’s omni-channel path to purchase.

Changing how potential reach is determined

Potential reach provides advertisers with a sense of how many users can potentially be reached by a campaign. Previously, this metric had been calculated on the number of total monthly active users. Now, in response to requests from advertisers and in order to provide a more precise estimation, potential reach will only include users who have been shown an ad in the past 30 days.

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