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Written by Côme Colin March 26, 2018

Facebook Lead Ads & targeting bring success for Burda Direct Interactive GmbH

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Paessler carries the mantra “we develop, we inspire, we make life easier for IT experts”. The company’s PRTG Network Monitor Software provides oversight of clients’ entire IT infrastructure around the clock, signalling problems before users even notice.
Burda Direct Interactive GmbH is a leading agency in the e-commerce and subscription services sectors, and combines sales and marketing into a full-service offering for their clients’ online and offline business strategies.

Highly Targeted Audience

With the goal of capturing leads for their PRTG network monitoring software, Paessler were recommended by their agency partner, Burda Direct Interactive GmbH, to run a campaign using Facebook Lead ads. With the objective of keeping Cost-Per-Lead (CPL) down, the agency launched a lead generation campaign targeting the US and Canada, and making use of the budget automation beta within the Paragone platform.

Impressive Results

Here are just a few of the results Paessler enjoyed from the campaign:Burda Success Story Metrics

Click below to access the full success story and learn:

  • What targeting Burda Direct Interactive chose to build their highly targeted audience, and why.
  • What role the budget automation beta played in the campaign’s success.
  • Why Burda Direct Interactive, in their role as an agency, love the Helicopter View on the Paragone platform.
  • And more…

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