Written by The Marketing Team May 29, 2018

Get more from the FIFA World Cup with our Managed Service packages

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Did you know that the 2014 FIFA World Cup inspired 1 billion Facebook interactions from over 220 million Facebook users? For millions of people, in literally every corner of the planet, the month-long competition means regular life goes on hold – working and sleeping patterns change, as well as buying habits!

World Cup CrowdSo how can your brand become part of the billions of online conversations that take place during this time? Social media platforms are already crowded places – and global events like this further increase competition for ad placements and drive costs higher. So how will you cut through while keeping costs down? And what would a relevant message even look like if your product or service is not linked to football or sport?

If you’re struggling for inspiration, or simply keen to get the most value possible from your World Cup ad campaigns, we’ve got you covered! We’re introducing two new Managed Service packages to help you achieve your World Cup objectives. Get in touch, have a chat with us about your objectives and then trust us to deliver the best results!

Both packages will see our team of social ad experts get to work with an advanced execution of our consideration-conversion-retargeting strategy, using proven methods that have shown great results year-on-year. In the past, we’ve found that many of our self-service clients have opted to get a little more grunt behind their campaigns during periods of seasonal rush. Black Friday and the summer sales period are classic examples, but the FIFA World Cup is another one – and it only comes around once every four years, so make the most of it!


Here are our packages:

1. The Total Awareness World Cup Package

Broken down into two phases, our awareness-based World Cup package aims to maximize your brand lift before, during and after the event. This package was specifically designed for brands that are planning World Cup campaigns on TV and other media. It serves to integrate that activity across social channels and ensure your campaign also reaches its objectives on social.

The initial phase sees us maximize your brand’s presence on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat with quality content, using ad formats like Canvas, Video Carousel and Stories. The aim of this phase is to be top of mind in your target country, using Reach and Frequency objectives.

Phase 2 (beginning at the start of the competition, and going through until after it has finished), will see us focus your ad targeting on those people currently travelling to the tournament, and with an interest in football or the World Cup. Tailored creatives, sequenced around World Cup competition phases, will ensure your ads are relevant and meaningful, while retargeting engaged users from phase 1 will ensure maximum impact. The package culminates in a tailored brand lift study to help you measure the true impact of your investment.

world cup package 1

2. The Conversion Funnel World Cup Package

Don’t have any World Cup related campaigns planned? Never fear, because our second package will help you ramp up quickly and get your brand’s voice heard during the World Cup. With everything you need to bring new prospects all the way through the funnel, this is a great option if you don’t quite know where to start or need help deciding on how best to use this global event to drive business success!

With the aim of increasing your business conversions during the entire competition, our conversion package is built around 3 stages:

  • video campaignsConsideration: Build an engaged audience through video campaigns, focussing on maximizing your brand’s presence on Facebook and Instagram. We’ll start with a broad audience, targeting your entire country of interest for maximum awareness, and then go on to geo-localize your message for the city centers where fans are located.
  • Conversion: This phase will see our team of experts focus on building lookalike audiences based on previously engaged users, as well as A/B testing top performing ad formats – all with the aim of maximizing conversions on your offer.
  • Retargeting: The final stage of the funnel sees our team retarget your video watchers from stage one, convert non-purchasers from previous stages and focus on improving your Return-on-Ad-Spend (ROAS) by working to lower your average metrics across the campaigns.


For more information, and an introductory conversation about how one of these packages could work for you, reach out to our team!

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