Written by The Marketing Team June 7, 2018

Paragone Franchise Feature for Retailers

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heidi-sandstrom-466582-unsplash-256751-editedSo your company runs or owns a number of different stores. You’re setting up a campaign and, quite rightly, would like to split your Facebook campaign budget across stores, depending on their individual sizes, values or budgets.

But how? Facebook only allows you one global budget, which the algorithm splits depending on how your ads are performing.

So what’s the answer? Manually create a separate ad set for each store or location within the one campaign? If you’re a chain of hundreds of stores that could take you days!

Introducing the ‘Franchise Feature’ from Paragone

This new feature means Paragone clients are only a click away from optimizing, capping and controlling the individual budgets of each of their locations, within the one Facebook ad campaign.

Here’s a video that explains the concept:


Hyundai France success story

Hyundai logoHyundai France recently collaborated with Socialyse and Paragone, to leverage our exclusive Franchise Feature. The new feature enabled them to effectively reach people on Facebook, who were located around their various dealerships, driving traffic to the stores during Open Days!

Find out more in our full success story!

Enjoy greater control with less manual effort

That small store in the countryside town probably doesn’t warrant the same level of ad spend as your flagship store on High Street! Now there’s a way to quickly allocate individual budgets for each of your stores, while keeping your advertising organised within the same campaign.

By selecting this new option, separate ad sets will be created automatically for each of your stores, saving you time and giving you the peace of mind that you’re not overspending for your smaller stores or underinvesting for your flagship ones.

Say goodbye to all that manual work and worries about poorly allocated ad spend! Say hello the new Franchise Feature from Paragone.

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