Written by The Marketing Team March 12, 2019

Introducing the complete guide to Dynamic Ads: 2019 edition

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Facebook Dynamic Ads (DA) are a revolutionary ad product. The format allows advertisers to reach new customers and generate conversions from existing ones – faster, more efficiently and at a greater scale than ever before.

Using a single template, you can promote thousands of products. Available on both Facebook and Instagram, Dynamic Ads draw on images and details from your catalog to promote your inventory to people who have expressed interest on your website, in your app or elsewhere on the Internet, or to target broader audiences.

Personalize your ads automatically

Dynamic Ads use behavioral information about users to determine which products should be featured in the ads they receive in their feed. And in response to today’s non-linear buying patterns, Dynamic Ads are fully cross-platform so you can retarget across devices.

Facebook Dynamic Ads guide - Paragone

Industry-specific solutions

Facebook Dynamic AdsFacebook has also developed industry-specific dynamic ads solutions for the automotive, tourism, property, and retail industries, so you can create the right ads for your business.

As a retailer, how could you leverage Dynamic Ads for Retail (still in beta) to create customized ads for specific stores? If you’re advertising automobiles, how can you use Automotive Inventory ads (a form of Facebook Dynamic Ads) to tap into people’s search habits and show them the right ads?

Our eBook has you covered on these questions and more!



  • Why you need to advertise on Facebook and Instagram.
  • What Facebook Dynamic Ads are and how to set them up.
  • Your different targeting options: how to retarget or reach broader audiences.
  • Industry-specific Dynamic Ads solutions that Facebook has developed, including dynamic ads for the automotive, tourism, property, and retail industries.
  • 5 helpful tips from our Dynamic Ads experts.

Ready to take your Dynamic Ads knowledge to the next level? Download our guide today!

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