Written by The Marketing Team April 3, 2019

Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Mobile-First Marketing

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fastoryMarketing must be mobile today. Smartphones are almost ubiquitous, and consumers use them in a whole host of ways in their daily lives. From discovering and researching, to comparing and purchasing on the go, getting your mobile marketing right is crucial to success in almost every industry.

That’s why, together with our partner Fastory, we’ve written a new ebook outlining best practices in mobile-first marketing!

Who is Fastory?

rawpixel-415585-unsplash-131686-editedFastory provides a suite of tools enabling users to craft quality content at scale, with no tech skills required. From branded videos and images, both vertical and horizontal, to dedicated mobile landing pages and micro-sites, Fastory is a company sold out on mobile-first marketing!

Thanks to our partnership, Paragone clients, who select our special packaged offer, have the ability to easily generate creative for use in your digital advertising. In a matter of minutes, import beautiful and high-performing creatives into the industry leading ad performance platform that is Paragone, and be on your way to levelling up your mobile advertising!

Our eBook

MMR_LandingPage_MOBILE-FIRST-MARKETINGDownload the eBook and learn about:

  • Current market trends that have made the world more mobile-first
  • The new ‘5 Ps’ of marketing, and how consumer behaviors and expectations are driving change
  • The customer journey from ‘impression to conversion’, including information on setting SMART goals, the role of social media advertising and mobile-first landing pages.
  • Mobile-first case studies
  • Information on the Fastory-Paragone partnership and how it could bring mobile marketing success to your business!

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