Written by The Marketing Team June 1, 2018

Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Summer Sales Success

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The annual summer sales period is the highlight of the yearly calendar for many retailers and e-commerce businesses. Typically taking place throughout June and July (depending on the city and country), these few weeks represent an important part of the yearly turnover for many stores. So it’s crucial retailers and e-commerce websites make sure they’re fully prepared and positioned to succeed! Our new guide will show you how!

In our latest Facebook LIVE above, we covered a preview of our new Summer Sales Guide. This week we also discussed the GDPR, Facebook Marketplace and Snapchat’s new location sharing feature. Check out the replay above, and follow us on Facebook to ensure you don’t miss our regular Facebook LIVEs!

ashim-d-silva-89336-unsplashBe Ready. Advertise Intelligently

When advertising is done well, it can play a big role in maximizing revenue and growing e-commerce businesses. But the internet and social networks, in particular, have become pretty busy places for advertisers. All your competitors – big and small – are running ads on Facebook, for example, with the aim of reaching as many potential customers as possible.



Facebook Carousel Ads

Ad format options

These days, Facebook offers a comprehensive set of full-funnel ad formats and tools to drive sales. From reaching new customers to converting existing ones, there is a solution for almost every need. This has gone to another level since the big shift to mobile, with brands now having to learn how to reach and convert mobile-first customers.




Your ultimate guide to summer sales success!

So competition during the sales season is fierce. But never fear! As a leader in social ads management, we at Paragone have developed this guide to give you, as an e-commerce marketer, a few tips and tricks to ensure your campaigns reach (and convert) as many potential customers as possible!

Summer Sales GuideIn this eBook, you’92ll learn:

  • What makes the Summer Sales period special
  • How consumer’s online and shopping behaviour changes
  • Which Facebook and Instagram ad formats to choose for your campaigns
  • How to efficiently set up, run, and optimize your Facebook summer sales campaigns
  • How to get the best bang for your buck, and the most traffic to your online store.


Download your Ultimate Guide to Summer Sales Success by clicking here, or below.

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