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Written by Marketing Team July 15, 2021

Luxury’s new normal paid media

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“Over the course of the last 15 months, because of the pandemic, the way luxury houses leverage social channels has completely changed. After a first editorial parenthesis during the first couple of months, the investments were shifted mostly towards the Chinese market, which was the only one recovering at the time.”

Maxime Bicard
Global Head of Social Media & Influencer @BALLY



Most of the paid campaigns adaptation is currently happening in PRC. Other markets might have specificities, such as the Middle-East, South East Asia, Korea, in terms of usage (Snapchat, Line, Kakaotalk).





High-end luxury products are being pushed on LinkedIn because of a higher price tag and a more professional target, while products targeting a younger audience are being pushed on Tik Tok.



*Sources: / Bally /McKinsey / LinkedIn – June 2021

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