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Written by Kat Peake September 19, 2019

Paragone at Paris Retail Week!

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paris retail week logoParagone was excited to partner with Paris Retail Week, which took place September 24-26, 2019. We were there discussing how our cross-network advertising platform helps retailers drive store traffic and boost sales. With over 600 exhibitors and 25,000 decision-makers, Paris Retail Week is Europe’s biggest retail meeting place, giving visitors the opportunity to discover all of the latest industry trends and technology.

Cross-network advertising: coordinating your Google and social campaigns to boost performance

Customer expectations have changed when it comes to shopping experiences, representing both a challenge and an opportunity for marketers. With more than 4 billion internet users today, navigating across networks and devices, it’s essential for advertisers to ensure the visibility of their campaigns and to adopt a strategy that is optimized through the full conversion funnel. Today, it is possible to deliver the right content to consumers no matter where they are in their customer journey.

Experts Melissa Sanchot, COO here at Paragone, and Ma’ebl Barthelemy, Tech Strategic Partnership Manager at Google, gave a well-attended presentation on the power of digital advertising, focusing on how retailers can leverage online ads to generate store traffic and drive sales. Their presentation also covered best practices to optimize ad campaigns.

Melissa & Mael

Paragone Senior Business Development Manager Guillaume Baratte will also presented the latest innovations on our platform, and spoke about ensuring the visibility of media campaigns and creating a full-funnel strategy in a quick pitch session.




Learn about holiday advertising for retail

Our holiday advertising eBook is a step-by-step guide to ensuring your online advertising is the best it can be across the period spanning from Black Friday through Christmas! Download it to learn:

  • BOOK_HOLIDAY_ADSWhat technical integrations you’ll need in place before you get started and how to make sure they’re ready to go.
  • Why it’s important to get started early.
  • Where you should be advertising, and why you need to build a strategy that reaches across networks.
  • How to build the right audience, and fully leverage retargeting to drive people down the marketing funnel.
  • Why keeping it local matters, especially in retail, and how to do this effectively in your online advertising.
  • What makes a great ad creative during the holiday period.
  • How to optimize your campaigns as they evolve.
  • Some practical tips on how to make the most out of your advertising at this crucial time of year.

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