Written by The Marketing Team January 25, 2019

Video Overview: The Paragone Automation Center

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What’s better than managing your online advertising campaigns in a cutting-edge tool? Not having to manage them much at all!

Take your campaigns to the next level

Once you’ve set up your campaigns in the Paragone platform, it’s time to supercharge your performance with powerful automation!

No matter the network, for campaign managers, automation is the secret sauce that will save you time and energy, providing assurance and freeing you up to focus on the more important things.

Introducing the Paragone Automation Center. Watch our video overview below:

Automate to save time and increase efficiency

The Paragone Automation Center allows you to create a variety of different rules that save you time and manual effort. These rules will automatically adjust your campaigns in real-time, based on the factors that matter to you. Added to that, you can bundle rules into strategies to create even greater efficiency in your campaign management.

The options are endless

Paragone clients can build custom rules from scratch using a combination of different conditions, to make sure their campaigns are optimized towards their end goal.

One practical example could be to set up a rule to automatically optimize your campaign spend by reallocating budget to the best-performing ad sets. This will ensure you make the most of your budget by putting it behind what’s working!

Schedule a demo

Interested in seeing the Paragone Automation Center in action? Book a commitment-free demo of our platform today, and we’ll run you through how to get more from your digital advertising investment!

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