Written by Pierre-Lou Dominjon October 16, 2018

Paragone is now a Google Premier Partner

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What if online advertisers are seeing in 2D? What if you are missing a crucial layer of insight – a deeper level of vision – that could bring clarity on the full customer journey?

Paragone is a Google Premier Partner

Calling all digital marketers, campaign managers, and online advertisers! It’s time you saw in 3D.

Paragone, the #1 in social ads – experts in campaign optimization across social networks – has today become an official Google Premier Partner.


Our Manifesto for a united online advertising world

Bringing Social and Search togetherThe customer journey is not as linear as we’ve been told. It’s a 3-dimensional one, zig-zagging from one network to another, and involving cross-network retargeting, complementary messages, and a succession of touch points.

It’s time to get realistic – a single ad click in isolation never leads to purchase. It’s not that simple.

Make your data speak with a 3D online advertising vision. Get a coherent vision of the customer journey by combining all your online advertising data.

Don’t let tools decide for you

For years now, online advertisers have become used to using one tool to create and manage social advertising, and another for search and display. You’ve learnt to work and see in silos.

But today, we’re raising a banner and sounding the trumpets – those 2-dimensional days are over! It’s time for a new, united online advertising perspective – a deeper, revolutionary vision of all your digital advertising.

Get the full story with Paragone

PIERRE_LOU_DOMINJON_MAKEMEREACHJoin the revolution and get a clear and unified picture of your online advertising activity.

Paragone is building a game-changing solution that will enable all advertisers worldwide to optimize their campaigns across social, search and display – at the same time, in real-time.

“For us this is all about helping our clients see holistically, by empowering cross-analysis and cross-optimization to make online advertising work for you – instead of the other way around! We believe that seeing in ‘3D’ will enable you to build stronger. Social and search were born to work together!” – Pierre-Lou Dominjon, CEO Paragone.

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