Written by the Marketing Team, October 19, 2022

One to One interview with the Paragone’s Team.

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Bertrand and Guillaume reflect on their experience at the One to One Biarritz event in a post-event talk.

Paragone’s team was excited to attend this year’s One to One digital marketing Biarritz 8th edition, which took place October 04 -06, 2022. 

At the event, the team was able to meet with more than 300 of the largest brands in the French market in order to explore market trends, get inspired by new ideas for digital marketing strategies, and learn about the next generation of digital marketers.

B2Bold: what’s the next BIG move in the ever-changing digital landscape?

Social experts Bertrand Humblot, Head of Paris Office at Paragone,

and Guillaume Baratte Senior Account Executive at Paragone

They attended the event to present the latest “Paragone portal to social”, a complete marketing solution that will help global brands efficiently maximize reach, revenue and team productivity in 2023 through paid social campaign automation tools, ABM social solutions, actionable reporting, and other cross-network features.

In this One to One interview, Paragone’s two industry experts discuss their thoughts on how global enterprises and media agencies will boost their digital performance in 2023 while managing digital growth.

Q: What is your overall feedback on the event this year? What brands did you meet and what were their main objectives for coming to Biarritz?

Paragone loves One to One Biarritz! It was great to meet with C-level contacts who are responsible for digital advertising and discuss their challenges for 2023. It was also an opportunity to meet with our existing customers and partners thanks to the One To One Biarritz organization that manages to gather all of the ecosystem (network and ICPs) during 3 days of networking.

Advertisers have stated that they are looking to reach greater productivity in their advertising efforts, as media budgets are now dispersed across multiple networks and channels. Increased governance and advertisers’ internal stakeholders and external networks collaboration has also been noted as a key factor in this growth.

Q: What changed since the last time you attended the event? Would you change it to a hybrid model or would you keep it 100% face-to-face and why?

Being able to meet in person and to pitch within the straightforward face-to-face sessions was really pleasant after 2 years of Covid. We definitely appreciated the accuracy and honesty of the conversation and we feel the impact is more positive for both parties.

Q: What was the biggest buzz at this year’s event and the major pain points of the attendees?

From the conversation we had with many brands, I can say that the marketers are closely following the rise of TikTok, who has become a key conversion channel for many brands. Social networks have traditionally been dominated by Meta, but the Metaverse narrative has not resonated with consumers in the way the company expected, while Snapchat and Pinterest continue to strengthen their advertising traction.

Q: When it comes to C-level events like One to One Biarritz, what is your advice for other companies who want to create a remarkable brand experience onsite?

The future attendees need to bear in mind that companies must entertain their relationship and not stay stuck only on their sales performance achievement objectives. Selling is fun and people buy from people, nurture your relationships and build your personal branding to become a valuable and trustful persona.

It’s useless to be too pushy, knowing that attendees are aware that you are here to sell your product and services. The most important thing is to capture the mindset and expectations of your prospects.

Q: Would you come again next year?


In addition to the 1-on-1 meetings, the event facilitates every step of our journey and organizes a fun and casual momentum during the evening. It helps any vendor to ramp up its network in a smooth and smart way. From a business prospective, with more than 20 relevant meetings with potential outcomes, this is an event worth attending!

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