Written by The Marketing Team February 21, 2019

Online advertising in 2019: our overview eBook

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Deciding your approach to digital advertising in 2019 is no easy feat. With a huge proliferation of channels, formats, targeting and retargeting options, it’s easy to get lost in it all! Which networks best suit your business? What are the latest innovations in advertising and how can you make sure you are across them all?

At the beginning of a new year it can be good to take a moment to step back and see the full picture!

Our in-depth eBook

MMR_LandingPage_ONLINE-AD-UNITED (1)That’s why we have put together an eBook outlining your online advertising options in 2019, across 8 major networks!

We cover the networks that make up the vast majority of digital advertising investment in 2019: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Google, Amazon, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

The aim is to provide you with a full overview – maybe your Facebook ad game is strong today, but how could you start combining that with Google? Could Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest drive value for your business? Might Amazon be the rising giant that could take your performances to a new level?

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For the networks that Paragone partners with today, the eBook provides information on:


A list of the campaign objectives advertisers can choose from. Knowing what you’re trying to achieve, and selecting the right objective accordingly, is an important first step in campaign creation, no matter the network.


Much of the power of online advertising is in the granular targeting. For each of the 8 major network, we’llcover your targeting and audience building options through the full marketing funnel.


Across these major networks, there are a variety of different advertising formats available. From image placements, to text, to different formats of video, we will briefly outline your options on each network. We will also provide examples of great ad creatives throughout!


We will cover a few quick best-practice tips for advertising on each network.

Then, for AmazonPinterest and LinkedIn we will provide a brief overview of each and links to more reading on ad options and best practices. The eBook also features a number of case study examples throughout, from some of our great clients, and includes links to external websites for you to dive deeper on key areas of interest.

Download the full PDF today!

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