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Written by the Marketing team • October 4, 2022

Paragone is rewarded as high performer in the cross-channel advertising category this fall by G2.

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Paris, September 22nd, 2022 — Paragone, a Perion company that provides an advanced, cross-channel advertising management platform, is placed by in the “High Performers” quadrant for its cross-channel advertising software. For new generation marketers with a performance mindset, it’s a one-stop solution for optimizing results, unlocking insights, and automating reporting from paid social campaigns.

“In today’s digital marketing landscape, where consumer habits are constantly shifting and new technologies are emerging, brands and agencies need to be nimble to remain relevant. The changing nature of the customer experience has fueled the need for marketers to adopt new strategies and embrace technology advancements. In 2022 and beyond, omnichannel marketing is one development that will help businesses connect with customers on every platform imaginable.” said Shai Alfandary, General Manager of

G2, as a leading peer-to-peer review site, helps organizations find the right software and services to meet their needs by reviewing over 1 million reviews. G2 users claim that Paragone is a great cross-channel software solution:

“Easy social advertising! What I like the most was the ease of configuration and integration they have within the platform.”

Enzo P, Marketing SEO Analyst

“It’s a very comprehensive solution to provide an extremely useful set of data and results. I enjoyed the consolidated view of multiple platform advertising into one set of results thanks to the Paragone platform.”

Giulio B, Social Media& Content Marketing Manager, Mid-Marketing ( 51 – 1000 emp.)

“Paragone is a simple tool that simplifies our reporting job to our clients; All the data are automatically taken from different social networks thanks to the API, which help us to focus on our main job as a trader to analyze and optimize performance for our clients.

Shahin N, Social Media Trader, Enterprise ( 1000+ emp)

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About Paragone

Paragone, a Perion Company, is a performance marketing platform focusing on the ever-growing space of paid social media. Adopting and optimizing a real cross-channel advertising strategy in both B2C and B2B companies is a key to success for new-gen digital marketers. We help companies efficiently maximize reach and optimize revenue through actionable analytics and campaign automation tools.

Paragone solves the growth challenge with its simple three-step process:

Reach: Streamline demand-generation through paid media

Scale: Manage all your campaigns efficiently 

Measure: Measure results and prove the value

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