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Written by MARKETING TEAM June 24, 2021

Publicis and SNCF take control of the collaboration challenge

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The Challenge

Managing social ads can be complicated and the process can be even more daunting when two companies are managing the same social campaigns. The situation happens frequently between ad agencies and their clients, and it can be a real barrier to the smooth management of effective campaigns.

Publicis Group, one of the largest marketing and communications companies in the world, manages several social ad campaigns for their client SNCF, the national railway company of France. This includes managing permissions for boosted posts, as well as reporting on performance. Coordinating their collaboration was becoming a real burden for both Publicis and SNCF, consuming both time and resources.


APM: The Comprehensive, Effective Solution

Publicis chose Paragone’s Actionable Performance Monitoring (APM) tool to gain control over the collaboration challenge. With APM, Publicis can dedicate budgets to SNCF’s community managers to boost organic posts across channels – Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter. APM is used by 20 users across 15 SCNF accounts, from specific train lines to the corporate HR account.

In 2020, APM was used to boost over 2,000 SNCF posts and create more than 600 campaigns.


Benefits for Both the Ad Agency and the Client

APM helped streamline the collaboration process between SNCF and Publicis, providing benefit for both.

The employees at SNCF who oversee posts and campaigns gained increased autonomy, as they were able to manage their own publicity while continuing to enjoy daily support from the Publicis team.

Publicis was able to save significant amount of time spent managing the administration of social media ad campaigns, and could focus on providing more value-added service to SNCF. The Publicis team was able to work on strategies related to audiences, dashboards, and benchmarks, instead of spending time on administrative tasks such as managing permissions, data collection, and creating reports.


What the Client Says

“For a company like SNCF, made up of multiple entities, Paragone is THE solution for flexibility, fluidity, and immediacy for social advertising” — SNCF.



Photos by Lindsay Henwood and Chris Liverani on Unsplash

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