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Written by Kat Peake June 3, 2019

Workshop: Revolutionize Retail with Digital Advertising

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To help you get your online ads for your retail business right, we are co-hosting a workshop with Facebook on Wednesday, June 19. We’ll present the latest trends and opportunities for marketers to attract consumers via a drive-to-store strategy. We’ll be joined by Guillaume Cavaroc, Facebook’s Industry Manager for Retail, who will be there to discuss all of the network’s options for retailers.

The drive-to-store features covered in our workshop are central to retail success today. Online and offline in retail have become inseparable in response to the way consumers behave. Even if 90% of purchases still happen in-store, most consumers get inspired or pre-research their purchases online. Consumers today expect a seamless, omni-channel shopping experience, and smart digital advertising is key to delivering that.


The workshop will cover the latest trends and evolutions in online retail ads, Facebook retail options including:

  • Dynamic Ads for Retail (DAR)
  • Store traffic
  • the Paragone Franchise Feature
  • Measurement
  • Beta features

…as well as drive-to-store options across other channels. Our speakers will be there to answer all your questions!

The speakers

Capture d’écran 2019-05-29 à 11.20.06Join us and learn all you need to know about digital advertising for retailers. Sign up for the workshop now!

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