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Written by Kat Peake May 28, 2020

Seerendipity decreases CPA and increases efficiency with AI Recommendations

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Seerendipity is a full-service agency based in New York, with offices in Dublin and Phoenix. They specialize in promoting musical artists and festivals though digital and paid media campaigns. David Gray, the Digital Manager at the agency, is always seeking out tools and solutions to help boost their clients’ performance.

Gaining efficiency with Paragone

The team at Seerendipity juggles a number of ad accounts across networks. They started using Paragone to better manage their efforts across this complex landscape of accounts. With cross-network capabilities, Paragone AI Recommendations in particular were an exciting tool to deliver better performance.

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computer_reportingIn addition to this, Paragone platform includes powerful cross-network reporting and dashboards that deliver both macro and granular insights at the same time. The ability to easily share dashboards with clients has also enabled Seerendipity to deliver more transparency to their clients. The agency estimates these tools save them about an hour each day—time that can be spent on more complex tasks like optimizing their clients’ strategies and campaigns.

Swift results with AI recommendations

AI-1With so many ad accounts, Seerendipity was particularly excited to try a feature that could make their optimization work a breeze. Paragone AI Recommendations analyze campaign data at all levels, across multiple networks simultaneously. Based on past performances and predictive technology, the tool is able to unlock hidden opportunities and insights, which the user can decide to apply or not.

The agency recently tested out the tool on a Facebook campaign to find ambassadors for festivals. The goal of the campaign was to maximize the conversions for the budget they’d set across territories. With relatively short campaign flights, they needed to swiftly reallocate budget if ads were performing better in a particular territory, with a certain age group, etc.

AI recommendations were the perfect tool to help them do just this.

To test the tool Seerendipity first ran a campaign for 10 days without using AI recommendations. Over another period of 10 days, they started applying recommendations generated by the Paragone AI tool.

targeting-1The recommendations included reallocating budget away from underperforming ad sets and towards better performing ones, managing ad fatigue, and audience elements, like age or location. The tool detected where the agency could make improvements before they were able to see for themselves where they could tweak their campaign for better performance. And since the tool is totally integrated into Paragone, AI recommendations can be applied in a click or two, with no manual work necessary.

AI recommendations delivered great results: prior to applying any recommendations, Seerendipity achieved an average CPA of $6.29. When using AI recommendations, the CPA dropped to an average of $4.74—a difference of 25%, in a matter of just 10 days.

What the client says

david gray“Prior to using Paragone, optimizing our clients’ campaigns took a lot of manual work. We went through campaigns one by one, checking daily CPAs to see if there were trends upwards or downloads on our various adsets and manually making changes where necessary. AI Recommendations have cut the time we spend on these things by over 80%—time that we can now spend on more complex tasks for our clients.” – David Gray, Digital Manager @ Seerendipity

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