Written by The Marketing Team March 15, 2018

Should you outsource your social advertising?

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Are you just getting started with advertising on social media? We know it can be daunting! With the huge variety of different platforms, ad formats and targeting options it can be hard to know where to start.
Or maybe you’re already advertising on social, but aren’t too sure how to go to the next level and start seeing some big results. If you haven’t been ‘WOWed’ in a while by the campaigns you’92re running, you could be missing something

So, when is Managed Service best?


You’re scaling your business and need a dedicated person to take care of social advertising campaigns, but don’t want to hire internally yet.


Someone in your team is leaving or there’s too much work and you need temporary help.


It’s a specific time of the year (like Christmas, Black Friday or the sales period) and you need more  grunt behind your campaigns. There’92s a lot of examples of times this has been useful for our existing self-service clients, who were able to use our Managed Service team for specific busy times during the year. We are now able to provide a packaged-offering for these special holiday campaigns.


david-marcu-441-unsplash.jpgBlack Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year globally


Paragone Managed Service

If either of those situations sound like you, Paragone has got you covered! Our Managed Service team is made up of performance marketing experts who manage the A-to-Z of social advertising campaigns for our clients. From strategy, to implementation, to optimization and reporting, our clients trust us to consistently achieve their objectives.

So, what do you get as a Managed Service client?


  • Definition of needs and objectives
  • Full analysis of the history of your social ad campaigns
  • A strategy proposal including targeting approach, best practices on creatives/copies and budget split.

Ongoing support

  • Campaign creation
  • Optimization
  • Regular reporting and insights via email
  • Calls to review performances
  • Exclusive access to the beta versions of new ad formats and a privileged relationship with Facebook’s teams.

An official partner

We have a special partner relationship with Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat, meaning our clients get access to exclusive betas and are included in all product development discussions.

Here are just a few examples of the work we’ve done.



Who we are

Founded in 2009 by Pierre-Fran’e7ois Chiron and Pierre-Lou Dominjon, Paragone is a fast-growing social ad tech company. We empower agencies (Havas, Dentsu-Aegis, GroupM, OMD’85) and advertisers (Birchbox, FlyDubai, Iberia, Vente Privée, Privalia) to get the most out of their campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat, at scale.

Our solution leverages a cutting-edge platform that automates and optimizes all social ad campaigns in one place, with a team of performance marketing experts who can maximize your ads efficiency.

We’ve managed thousands of campaigns through our advanced ads platform, meaning we have the experience and ability to benchmark against other examples in your industry.

If you’d like to discuss your social advertising needs in more detail, get in touch today.

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