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Written by Kat Peake July 23, 2019

Summer Series LIVE: Building cross-network campaigns, with Different Roads

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Paragone CMO Joe Sweeney sat down with Matias Gaffoglio, CMO at Travel Tales Factory (Different Roads and the Wanderlust Store) for the second episode of our Summer Series LIVE to talk about building a cross-channel ads strategy.

Watch our replay above, and read on below to learn more about cross-channel ads strategies and Different Roads summer campaign.

Why cross-channel?

Here at Paragone, we are firm believers in the power of cross-channel ads strategies. Each network has specific strengths you can leverage to reach the right audiences and achieve your business goals.

Building an ads strategy across channels also fits with the way shoppers behave online today. Moving seamlessly between channels, from social to search and back again, the modern consumer is in full control of their journey. They may be inspired by an ad on one network, move through to Google search to find out more, and continue this journey over several months before actually making a purchase. Breaking down the silos between networks is therefore key to reaching customers all across their journey.

Different Roads cross-channel summer campaign

different roads logo smallDifferent Roads is a travel brand that creates and sells craft trips to help travelers discover the secret corners of popular destinations at competitive prices, meeting new friends along the way.

Ahead of summer 2019, to help ensure sustained growth, the team at Paragone recommended a strategy to scale up Different Roads investment on Google, combining the strength of Facebook and Google Search to better reach and convert prospects through the full funnel.

Different Roads graphTheir cross-channel strategy focused on creating a net between Facebook and Google Search to capture a maximum number of conversions from travelers moving between the two networks. By combining these acquisition strategies, Different Roads have seen impressive results: x2 overall purchases for the same period between 2018 and 2019 when combining the results of Facebook and Google campaigns, and -73% CPA compared to 2018 campaigns.

Read the full success story here!

Here’s a sneak peek of what Matias Gaffoglio had to say about their summer campaign and working with Paragone:

With your summer 2019 campaigns in mind, what was your goal?

We knew that simply reproducing the same campaign year after year wouldn’t deliver the results we were looking for. That’s why, when we started talking with the team [at Paragone], we talked about leveraging every network we were on to work across them. For us innovation is key, and we need to translate that into our ads strategy.

You’ve seen 3 years of consistent growth working with Paragone. What have the team and technology done to bring this success?

In Paragone, we’ve found the right partner to grow and innovate with. The technology, the exchange of know-how, and the expertise is important for us. We rely on this expertise to create entire campaigns. Even though we have a lot of people and know-how, it’s part of our strategy to rely on a partner that travels with us. We use a lot of cross-channel reporting [on the platform, which enables us to] identify a lot of insights.

Read the full case study!

We’ve just published a case study with Different Roads, which tells the full story of their innovative summer campaigns.

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