Written by Kat Peake August 2, 2019

Get more from your Twitter ads on Paragone!

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Paragone gives you the tools you need to take a unified approach to your online advertising. With our intuitive platform, it’s easy to run and optimize campaigns and to build reports across networks, and you see the big picture of your online advertising in one place. Paragone also provides you with powerful automation and optimization tools to help simplify your campaign management and boost performance across channels.

Twitter’s slogan is it’s what happening. It’s where 330 million monthly active users go to discuss live and current events. That means it’s the place to reach niche communities of highly engaged individuals who come together on Twitter around their passions. Twitter users are also 1.6X more likely than non-Twitter users to use social media to research and find products to buy, so it’s a great network to reach potential customers.

Twitter ads on Paragone

Twitter ads are even stronger when included as part of a cross-network strategy. And when you run them on Paragone, you can leverage our cutting-edge tools to get even more out of your Twitter ad investment!

Here are five reasons to run your Twitter ads on Paragone:


On Paragone, we simplify things for you with our user-friendly interface. You set up your campaigns through a guided creation flow that stays the same whether you’re using Twitter or another network. This means you’ll have just one easy tool to master!


Screenshot 2019-08-02 at 13.02.41The powerful and fully customizable data analysis and reporting capabilities on Paragone allow you to generate dynamic reports using data from all your ad accounts. They let you access your Twitter campaign data directly on Paragone and compare it to the campaign data from other networks. Then, use this insight to pause underperforming ads, ad sets, or campaigns and reallocate budget for better performance.

Benefit from powerful automation

Paragone helps you save time and energy on your online ads with our powerful automation features. Set up performance rules for your Twitter ads to adjust your campaigns in real time, based on the factors that matter to you. And thanks to our Zapier integration, you can start or stop Twitter campaigns based on external factors like the weather.

Go beyond the native tool

Paragone offers features that simplify your Twitter ads management and let you do more: create multiple campaigns more easily, better distinguish between paid and organic posts, benefit from easy URL lookup, and more.

officialpartner-badge-blue-576x504Paragone is a badged Twitter partner

We have access to the developer platform, enabling us to create features beyond what Twitter’s ad manager can do. Our privileged relationship with Twitter also means our clients can get access to betas.

Try it yourself!

Our platform gives you the power to break your online ads out of silos and build a cross-channel advertising strategy that follows the customer journey. Manage all of your ads in one place: book a demo today to try Twitter on Paragone!

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