Written by the Marketing Team March 24, 2022

Why Managed Services are revolutionizing the media landscape.

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Finding, training and retaining top digital talent is becoming a serious challenge for brands and agencies who want to boost their paid media results. Could Managed Services offer the solution? 

The market for digital media skills has never been more competitive. Whether you’re an agency or a brand, finding and retaining digital experts has become a major pain point. Digital marketing specialists – those who really understand business intelligence reporting tools and how to boost the performance of your digital ad spend – now command higher wages than ever before. Even for agencies that have these skills in-house, it’s likely that their digital marketing experts are some of the most in-demand and over-stretched members of the team.

It’s no wonder these skills are in high demand – the right expert, equipped with the best digital analytics tools, can optimize a brand’s digital ad spend, decrease CPA and deliver enormous results, even if paid media budgets are shrinking. The value delivered by this expertise means the challenge of finding and retaining digital marketing talent is only going to get tougher.

The Managed Services model

One answer is to opt for a Managed Services solution – contract out agency reporting and other digital marketing operations to the experts who build and run your digital marketing tools.

This allows agencies and brands to buy-in the expertise they need with social media advertising, without adding to their headcount. There are other advantages: data analysis and reporting, which can be a massive drain on your team’s time, are managed by experts with years of experience optimizing, analyzing and boosting paid media performance.

What’s more, with a Managed services solution, there’s no need to train your teams on how to get the most out of their digital tools, as the work is being done by the real experts who built and maintain those platforms.

Paragone has two managed services offers that equip clients with a dedicated Account Management and Media Planning team to run APM, our cross-channel monitoring tool designed to empower performance marketers. Brands and agencies benefit from better insights into the performance of their paid media, enabling campaign budget optimization with better results, more sales, more clicks, more signups, or whatever the objective is.

With regular calls, reports, and mission updates when you need them, our experts bring the latest skills and techniques to your paid media campaigns, freeing you up to focus on the big picture. Think of it like a bespoke, end-to-end campaign management team, that also gives you access to our privileged partner status with all major platforms.

Strategic support – on tap

If you’re looking for even more support for your digital advertising, Paragone’s Professional Services offer adds strategic consultancy to the mix. Our experts will conduct a comprehensive overview of your paid advertising performance across all channels, markets, and even multiple brands. We will assess your technical set up, your creative executions, how well your ads are targeted, and how well your budget is performing against your objectives.

Armed with this analysis, the team will then design the right paid strategy for you, so your brand can meet and exceed objectives with less budget wasted on badly targeted ads or ineffective creative. The offer also includes comprehensive reporting and analytics, a practical set of dynamic dashboards to help you make better decisions, and simple one-glance metrics so you know exactly what needs your team’s attention.

With social media, search, and the rise of new advertising channels such as connected TV, the digital advertising landscape is growing even more complex. The managed services model takes some of that complexity off your plate and delegates it to the experts. Given the competitive hiring market for digital skills right now, it’s a solution that more and more brands and agencies will find attractive.

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