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Written by The Marketing Team July 5, 2018

A selection of the best ads on our platform in 2018

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We continually see great ads pop up on our platform, from the 4000+ brands that use Paragone to amplify their social media advertising. We’ve enjoyed following these in the first half of 2018, and want to take a moment to highlight 15 of the most impactful campaigns.

In each of the below examples we have enjoyed seeing strong and/or original creatives! Each of them has something that sets them apart, so prepare to be inspired!


Lacoste ParagoneLacoste

Lacoste is a french clothing company, famous all around the world for its iconic crocodile logo and quality garments. For Father’s Day this year, the brand launched a campaign showcasing their different styles, and how these could suit different ‘types of dads’. Using the Facebook Carousel ad format, Lacoste showcased a range of products at once and was able to target several different buyer personas within the one ad. The iconic green colour palette throughout tied everything back to the Lacoste brand.



Emirates ParagoneEmirates

Emirates, the leading global airline, ran a social campaign through Paragone with the goal of breaking the myth that ‘luxury is inaccessible’. The Instagram ad campaign, focused on the German market, used a humorous approach to communicate the message that there’s no need to upgrade your seat if you simply upgrade your airline to Emirates. The Instagram video ads featured the slogan: “Some people try everything to get an upgrade. Others simply upgrade to Emirates Economy”. We love how relatable this campaign is and the clear branding message that it incorporates.

Emirates video ad Paragoneemirates


A video-on-demand service that produces and distributes exclusive shows, blackpills is 100% mobile. The company is based in Paris, Dubai and Los Angeles and aims to become ‘the new TV’. This year they have run some innovative ads across both Facebook and Snapchat, with the aim of reaching their predominantly young audience and driving downloads of their mobile app. To do this, they often use 15 second video snippets of their exclusive shows, including Ketchup Maillot (a humorous sports news show), followed by an impactful call-to-action to download the app.

Blackpills video ads Paragone


red-bull-logo-png-transparentRed Bull

Famous all around the world for their iconic logo and brand image as an extreme sports sponsor, Red Bull doesn’t really need an introduction. Red Bull are very good at using video in their ads to immerse the viewer in their world, making the most of innovative film techniques, sound and color. This campaign, run by Red Bull in France through the Paragone platform, promoted the final of the Red Bull Dance your Style competition


Disney fans have been waiting a long 14 years for the release of Incredibles 2, since the first film was released way back in 2004! To build anticipation and drive pre-bookings, Disney ran a campaign on Facebook with short snippets of the film, featuring iconic characters from the first film. The message is very clear and within 2 seconds any Disney fan will recognise what the creative is all about.

Disney Increadibles 2 Paragone

disney Facebook Ads

Glovo ParagoneGlovo

Glovo is a Spanish startup who offer a home food delivery service. They also use a lot of video in their Facebook ads, which they use to drive installs of their app. Throughout these videos, the message stays the same with the food changing to showcase the range of different options available to Glovo customers. As well as video ads, Glovo has also made use of Facebook Carousel ads, through the Paragone platform, using this format to showcase other products available for delivery like makeup and flowers.



Verti is part of the Mapfre group, and promises a cheaper alternative for car, motorbike, home and pet insurance. Verti ran a Facebook ad campaign using Paragone to promote special prices on insurance for electric vehicles. In this campaign they made the most of the Carousel ad format, using 3 images to plunge viewers into the situation.


Monoprix ParagoneMonoprix

Monoprix is present in more than 250 French cities and towns, and has become an iconic brand there. In this Instagram Stories ad from their Christmas campaign 2017 (ok it’s not 2018!), Monoprix promote their deals on toys and games for kids in an interactive way. The video moves through a winter wonderland scene, making use of clear visual keys that say Christmas. Instagram Stories, frequented by 300 million Instagram users every day, was the chosen format and the creative here fits the placement well. The first 2 seconds grab your attention with a large ‘-30%’ front-and-centre, which is then followed by a discovery of the different products on offer.

Monoprix Instagram Stories ad


SFR ParagoneSFR

With over 14 million mobile clients and close to 6 million home wifi customers, SFR is a major player on the European market.

SFR promoted their offer of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ using a combination of photo and carousel ads on Facebook. The carousel ad format lends itself well to this situation, allowing SFR to present all the different colors available for the phone. In terms of the creative, there is consistency with the placement of the phone in the images, meaning it remains the hero and focus to drive action.



Swarovski ParagoneSwarovski

Swarovski is famous all around the world as an iconic luxury jewellery brand. In these Facebook photo ads, Swarovski have favoured simplicity and effectiveness. The blue color used throughout tied everything back to the brand.



voyage priv'e9 ParagoneVoyage Privé

Travel advertiser Voyage Privé tapped in to the dreams and imagination that can so often go along with booking holidays. A series of Facebook photo ads showcased exotic destinations, displaying the price of the package and a brief description of the number of nights accommodation and type of hotel included. This means users were clear straight away what was being offered. Voyage Privé even tapped in to the luxury surrounding the Yves Saint-Laurent brand by inviting prospects to “walk in the footsteps” of this iconic designer in booking their holiday to Marrakesh.

voyage priv'e9 Paragone

Eau Thermale Av'e8ne ParagoneEau Thermale Avène

Eau Thermale Avène is a French company is a beauty company who produces body care products, from make-up to sunscreen. To promote some of their products in the Dutch market, Eau Thermale Avène used the Facebook Carousel ad format. The two ads displayed below use this format in different ways: on the one hand showcasing an inspiration vision with the use of female models and, on the other hand, displaying the beautiful packaging of the products themselves. The final slide of the carousel in each case posed a question to the audience, engaging them and driving them to take action and ‘learn more’.

Eau Thermale Av'e8ne Paragone


axa logo ParagoneAXA

AXA is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world, and they’ve in business for almost 300 years! In this Facebook photo ads for Spanish-speaking markets, created on the Paragone platform, AXA highlight their travel insurance offers. The creatives highlight the freedom of knowing you are covered if anything goes wrong. The AXA logo is present twice, with its addition in the top left of the creative, aiding brand recall.

AXA Paragone


The rooster is a french emblem and one which is linked to French sports teams especially. During the World Cup this icon is particularly top-of-mind, with French football fans throughout the country thinking about what they’ll need to enjoy the matches. Food and drink is always very important, and through these ads Carrefour offers the option of having these treats delivered to your place within an hour. The Facebook Carousel ad format provides the opportunity to show off the different options available.

carrefour Paragone

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