Act on a real-time view
of your social ads.

What is
Actionable Performance Monitor?

APM allows you to observe, in real time, all paid social advertising activities - across networks. Allowing performance marketers
to easily identify opportunities for improvement, use AI to predict campaign success, and take action to maximize performance.

Growth Manager
Media Buyer

Performance Simulator

Backtest your performance strategy and predict probabilities for meeting future performance goals
with APM’s sophisticated AI

Growth Manager

Gain unprecedented control

Easily follow up on the execution of your cross-channel paid social media plan. Use a calendar view to organize launch phases, product launches, business units, and more. Track KPIs and stats in real-time to identify bottlenecks and opportunities.

Reach top efficiency

Create custom KPIs to unify data across networks and ad accounts. Work with customized dashboards and data visualizations to gain deeper analysis of campaign results.

Media Buyer

Easily identify opportunities
for improvement

Our predictive system calculates the probability of achieving your campaign goals, so you can take appropriate corrective measures and increase performance. Campaigns, audiences and creatives are ranked based on performance, and validated statistically, so you can decide with confidence when to increase or decrease investment in specific elements.   

Predict the next best action and go for it

Our advanced AI algorithms analyze your data from multiple social media channels to find actionable opportunities for growth. The AI suggests multiple solutions for
each cross-channel recommendation, so you can make your own decisions and implement suggestions at the click of a button – with no manual work required.

Take action at the snap of a finger

Adjust your campaigns in real time, and take actions to maximize performance. Get all your ad accounts and social channels centralized in one single view to gain maximum efficiency.

Automate activities that are time-consuming

Our platform does the work for you – execute actions on campaigns based on business rules, performance (including third-party data), or external events.

Built for easy collaboration

Dashboard sharing

Easily share real-time reports with multiple stakeholders in your organization to keep everyone aligned and prevent communication silos.

In-platform chat

Capture team campaign communication and insights within the platform.

Trusted by the best

“Reporting is cross channel and much more sophisticated than Facebook’s native tool. Data is displayed in a more visual way and it’s 100% customizable, therefore it’s faster to identify which campaigns should be optimized.“
- G2 Crowd Review, April 2020