Life at Paragone

End of the Year Reflection: A chat with our Team about this year’s tops & the future of cross-channel advertising.

Here at Paragone, we’re constantly working to bring more value to the social advertising landscape and collaborate with new-gen marketers to explore the unlimited possibilities of the social world. When it comes to the future of collaboration and productivity in the social advertising landscape, we’re committed to simplifying the way business drives performance across networks….


Paragone Product Updates: Just in Time for the Holidays.

Behind the scenes at Paragone, we’re constantly working to add value to your social advertising metrics. In this blog post, we take you through new features that will help you drive better performance across all the networks, and deliver the best tool for boosting your holiday sales via social media. Recently, we’ve rolled out a…

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One to One interview with the Paragone’s Team.

Bertrand and Guillaume reflect on their experience at the One to One Biarritz event in a post-event talk. Paragone’s team was excited to attend this year’s One to One digital marketing Biarritz 8th edition, which took place October 04 -06, 2022.  At the event, the team was able to meet with more than 300 of…

Press release

Paragone is rewarded as high performer in the cross-channel advertising category this fall by G2.

Paris, September 22nd, 2022 — Paragone, a Perion company that provides an advanced, cross-channel advertising management platform, is placed by in the “High Performers” quadrant for its cross-channel advertising software. For new generation marketers with a performance mindset, it’s a one-stop solution for optimizing results, unlocking insights, and automating reporting from paid social campaigns….


How custom metrics can fuel your social media reporting.

Step-by-step guide on how to level up your cross-channel reporting with custom metrics. For every business and agency, online marketing strategies are different. One-size-fits-all approaches do not work. Social media analytics can greatly benefit performance evaluation and reporting. Performance marketers are always trying to find a balance between data and business. Thanks to social platforms,…


An insight talk with our paid social expert – Orel Gilad.

Social advertising is getting more and more complex, with more channels added to your omnichannel circle and more data poring into your daily operation. Visualizing your data the way it was always meant to be is critical to winning in the sophisticated media landscape. We spoke to our Product Manager, Orel Gilad about whether there…

Luxury brand

New digital era for the luxury industry.

The omnichannel dilemma. In 2007, Facebook launched its business page feature, allowing any merchant to attract potential consumers online. By doing so, the foundation for social selling was laid. In 2015, the social network inaugurated its ‘global luxury hub’ in Paris, a department dedicated to counseling luxury brands on how to use its platform to…


Marketing software and platforms – which is best for you?

How to choose the right digital marketing tools for success on social. Which marketing software tool or platform will help your business, agency or brand reach greater performance, grow and scale? Are some better for B2B and others at B2C? Which is best for social insights and which is optimised for Google Attribution? We look…