Luxury brand

New digital era for the luxury industry.

The omnichannel dilemma. In 2007, Facebook launched its business page feature, allowing any merchant to attract potential consumers online. By doing so, the foundation for social selling was laid. In 2015, the social network inaugurated its ‘global luxury hub’ in Paris, a department dedicated to counseling luxury brands on how to use its platform to…


Marketing software and platforms – which is best for you?

How to choose the right digital marketing tools for success on social. Which marketing software tool or platform will help your business, agency or brand reach greater performance, grow and scale? Are some better for B2B and others at B2C? Which is best for social insights and which is optimised for Google Attribution? We look…

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Demand generation for growth marketing minds – An interview with Shai Alfandary, Paragone’s GM.

The head of the paid media optimization platform talks about lead generation, the convergence of B2B and B2C, and why consumers should not be crammed into a funnel:  “Our new Audience Based Advertising has now launched and is going to make a huge difference on the way companies in the space of B2B and B2C…


Why creativity is THE way to win on social.

TikTok and Paragone: from creating to analysing what really works. The data privacy reforms of the past few years have made it increasingly difficult to track and retarget potential customers on social and other digital platforms. How should your paid social media strategy pivot to ensure you’re still winning the war for clicks? As the…


Shaping The New Gen Social: Digital Marketing Attribution Models

Counting sheep? When some digital marketers can’t fall asleep, they count leads coming in from multiple unknown sources. But the reason some of them are up in the first place is the desperate need to figure out where those leads came from, and which of the multiple advertising channels caused them to finally hit “buy.”…


Paid social budgets set to hit $262 billion by 2028.

What’s the best place to advertise on social media? How do you ensure the right mix of platforms? And how do you turn social media engagement into sales? With advertisers predicted to spend $262 billion on social advertising by 2028, it’s more important than ever for brands to pick the right strategy for investing their…


Why Managed Services are revolutionizing the media landscape.

Finding, training and retaining top digital talent is becoming a serious challenge for brands and agencies who want to boost their paid media results. Could Managed Services offer the solution?  The market for digital media skills has never been more competitive. Whether you’re an agency or a brand, finding and retaining digital experts has become…


The 5 things you should ask your ad agency on your next weekly call.

If you outsource your media buying to an agency then you know the drill: weekly calls to pore over results and insights, and ensure the strategy is achieving the right results. But too often these calls are a mess of disconnected data and cluttered spreadsheets. Maybe your reach has grown on Instagram, while click throughs…