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Written by Kat Peake October 2, 2020

360° campaign visibility across networks for global gaming brand with Socialyse and Paragone

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Socialyse is the social media pure player of Havas Group. Their full- service offering empowers their clients around the world to get the most out of their social media campaigns.

One of the clients of Socialyse Germany is a multinational gaming and electronics brand, with various social campaigns spanning across networks. Socialyse was looking for a better way to gain visibility across all their campaigns to deliver even better results.

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Managing multiple campaigns on multiple networks

With a wide offering of games and products, this client relies on an array of social campaigns to effectively communicate with their customers in the right place, at the right time. To best reach their audience, Socialyse runs campaigns across several networks for their client, including on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Cross-network campaigns also mean complex reporting. Each network has its own interface and metrics, so gaining a full understanding of data and performance across networks can often be time-consuming. It can also create a long lag time in getting the answers you want about your campaign performances.

Gaining insights, saving time

By running all their client’s social campaigns on Paragone, reporting has been a breeze for Socialyse. The easy and customizable reporting on the platform means that the agency is able to leverage exactly the data they need, exactly when they need it, be it on one network or several.

Socialyse set up multiple widgets on their gaming client’s dashboards to break out all the campaign information they needed. Some of these widgets include:

  • Audience impressions
  • Gender breakdown
  • Age breakdown
  • Video completion rate

In addition to these specific metrics, Socialyse and their gaming client saw many overall benefits to using cross-network dashboards on Paragone.

Flexible reports

Paragone makes it easy to slice and dice your data, so you can see everything you need to and nothing you don’t. For this client’s account, Socialyse set up dashboards to track specific metrics like link clicks and page likes, as well as dashboards to compare performance across networks: spend, CPM, impressions, and more.

Clear vision across networks

On Paragone, you can seamlessly track all your campaign data regardless of the network. It’s easy to see how campaigns are performing from one network to another. And, that data is actionable, meaning it’s easy to make adjustments or to reallocate budget in a few clicks. This has been a huge time-saver for the agency.

What the client says

“The dashboards on Paragone help maximise efficiency. When running activity across multiple channels it can be time-consuming for us to check campaign performance and to export reports from each channel. With the dashboards we can easily share our reports amongst our team, and everybody working on the client can see everything in one place in real time.” —Sam Worley, Senior Paid Social Media Specialist @ Havas Media Group

Watch our video interview with Sam Worley:

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