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Written by Kat Peake July 25, 2020

Delivering ease of use and high performance to our customers

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The whole team here at Paragone is excited that we’ve been featured in G2’s latest quarterly report, thanks to the confidence of our customers.

G2’s quarterly reports rank the world’s very best software solutions based exclusively on unbiased customer reviews across many categories. These reports are based on data from authentic, verified customer reviews, each vetted by a real person to ensure legitimacy and quality.

Based on the reviews from our customers, Paragone has earned badges for High Performance—which corresponds to high customer satisfaction—and Easiest to Use, both in the categories of Cross-Channel Advertising and Social Media Advertising. We have also ranked on several lists in these two categories.

We are thrilled to be recognized by our customers and by G2 as a high performer in social media and cross-channel advertising. And we look forward to continuing to support our customers with our multi-channel advertising platform.

Here are the features that make us stand out and helped us earn these badges from G2.

Easy to Use

Simplicity of use is at the core of our platform. We focus on providing tools that save time and help our customers gain in efficiency with their digital advertising.

One creation flow across networks

On Paragone, we simplify things for you on our user-friendly interface. You set up your campaigns through one easy, guided creation flow for all of your networks.

Customizable, cross-network reporting dashboards

We make sure you have all the data you need at a glance. The powerful and fully customizable data analysis and reporting capabilities on Paragone allow you to generate dynamic reports using data from all your ad accounts. They let you access and compare campaign data across networks. You can also use this insight to pause underperforming ads, ad sets, or campaigns and reallocate budget for better performance.

Custom naming and tracking

We know that automation is crucial to saving time and taking your campaign performance to the next level. Two of our favorite automation features are naming and tracking automation. Both of these simplify your ads management and help you avoid manual work.

Take bulk actions

Bulk editing is one of our customers’ favorite features on Paragone. We let you add creatives to multiple campaigns or ad sets at once, saving lots of manual work. On networks like Facebook and Instagram, you can also change a part of your headlines, copy or links in bulk using our find & replace feature.

Sharing results is a breeze

It’s super simple to share your dashboards and reports from across networks with anyone, even if they don’t have a Paragone account. Just export to Excel, or generate a link, and send your report to whoever needs to see it!

Helping you perform better

G2 awarded Paragone a badge for High Performance based on customer satisfaction. How do we make our
customers happy?

We take customer care seriously

  • Our customer service is easy to reach. We respond by chat and we’re always available to resolve any issues and help you get the most out of our platform.
  • Regular trainings and updates
  • Our client services team offers regular trainings with our customers to make sure they know all of the latest tips and tricks to improve performance and get more out of the powerful tools on Paragone.

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