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Written by Kat Peake July 18, 2019

Different Roads maximize full-funnel performance with Google & Facebook ad synergies

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different roads logo smallDifferent Roads is a travel brand created in 2009 by a team of enthusiastic travelers who decided to make their passion for getting to know the world a way of life. They create and sell craft trips to help travelers discover the secret corners of popular destinations at competitive prices, meeting new friends along the way.

3 years of consistent growth

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Now into their third year of working with Paragone, Different Roads’ business has grown, evolved, and flourished as a result.

With summer 2019 on the horizon, Different Roads Chief Marketing Officer Matias Gaffoglio knew continued innovation in acquisition strategy was needed to ensure sustained growth. The team at Paragone recommended a strategy to scale up Different Roads’ investment on Google, combining the strength of Facebook and Google Search to better reach and convert prospects through the full funnel.

Google Dynamic Search Ads (DSA), combined with Facebook

Different Roads creativeGoogle Dynamic Search Ads is an innovative tool that creates greater relevance for users by dynamically pulling in part of the user’s search query into the heading of the search ad.

For Different Roads summer campaigns, DSA proved to be a game changer! Having seeded specific vocabulary and offers on Facebook, their cross-channel strategy focused on creating a net between Facebook and Google Search to capture a maximum number of conversions from travelers moving between the two networks.

The cross-channel strategy featured:

A Facebook and Google DSA campaign for each travel destination.

Cross-network retargeting, both using warm Facebook audiences to retarget on Google and vice versa. The campaigns across channels were tightly integrated, ensuring Different Roads were able to better leverage touch points across the buying journeys of prospective travelers.

The use of the cross-channel reporting features in Paragone, which allowed the teams running the campaigns to keep track of both Facebook and Google performances in one place.

By combining their Facebook and Google Search acquisition strategies, Different Roads have seen:Different Roads graph

  • x2 overall purchases for the same period between 2018 and 2019 when combining the results of Facebook and Google campaigns.
  • -30% overall CPA since 2017 when combining the results of all campaigns on both channels.

The client’s thoughts

Different Roads Matias Gaffoglio

“Ever since we started working with Paragone, our advertising performance and business growth has been on an upward trend. Paragone brings continuous innovation and growth to our business. We were very impressed with the results of the 2019 campaigns. It’s clear that there are so many complementarities between ads on Facebook and Google, and the expert team at Paragone knew exactly how to leverage the strengths of each network to deliver amazing results.”

– Matias Gaffoglio, Chief Marketing Officer at Different Roads

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