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Written by The Marketing Team June 21, 2018

New diptyque collection starts strong thanks to Facebook ad success

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Paris-based luxury goods company, diptyque, is a producer of high-end scented candles, perfumes, face and body care products.

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 08.52.37-553604-editedIn a series of Facebook ad campaigns managed by their marketing agency, Spoka, diptyque recently achieved impressive results promoting a series of physical events in their stores across the United States.

The events were set up to allow people to discover diptyque’s limited-edition Rose Delight Collection, while indulging in a centuries-old delicacy – Turkish Delights.

Spoka_Logo_noirdiptyque wanted to extend the reach of these events outside of their current customer base, while creating a sense of exclusivity.

Spoka got to work

Screen Shot 2018-06-21 at 08.52.31Spoka set up a series of campaigns, one for each participating boutique, using the Paragone platform. Compared to similar campaigns run previously through the native Facebook tool, these campaigns on Paragone saw the average cost-per-attendee reduce by 65%. Each boutique had at least 200 attendees and the new collection started off with a bang!

Discover more of the results and Spoka’s reflections on the benefits of the Paragone platform, in our latest success story.



Pasted image at 2018_06_19 12_29 PM-1“We were really happy with the results of this Facebook campaign for diptyque, and the Paragone platform undoubtedly played a huge role in its success. The ability to track and optimize campaigns on the fly, down to a very granular level, is something we really value in Paragone”
Mauriac Tossou, Web Analyst & Traffic Manager, Spoka”

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