Written by The Marketing Team October 8, 2018

Let us help you get the Facebook Pixel correctly installed!

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Facebook advertising is powerful – you already knew that. But to really get the most out of your investment you need to have the Facebook pixel correctly installed.

The pixel is a piece of code for your website which (once correctly installed), allows you to:

  • Facebook pixel insightsMeasure cross-device conversions: Analyze how your ads help influence conversions across multiple devices.
  • Deliver your ads to people most likely to take action: Avoid wasted investment by showing your ads to those users most likely to take the action you want.
  • Generate Custom Audiences from website visitors: Dynamic ads help you automatically retarget people with products they’ve already viewed on your website, or other related ones.
  • Learn about your website traffic: Get deeper insights about how people navigate through your website.

Without the Facebook Pixel

Without the Facebook PixelWithout the pixel correctly installed, you’ll be unable to make a clear connection between an ad impression and a desired action on your site. You’ll also be unable to reach the same prospect or customer again using a Custom Audience. And you’ll miss out on what’s called ‘conversion optimization’ – where the Facebook algorithm, over time, gets better at delivering your ads to the right people (who are most likely to convert).

Our pixel installation service

Together with our partner Facebook, we’ve discovered that many advertisers still aren’t sure whether they have the pixel correctly installed, or don’t know how to fully leverage it to optimize their advertising spend. Paragone Pixel Installation service

While adding a small piece of code to each of your website pages may seem simple enough in theory, in practice it can be complicated – especially if you don’t have an in-house website developer.

That’s why we’ve decided to launch a service to help our clients install and fully-leverage the Facebook pixel. The offer will see us go ‘under the hood’ of your website, making sure the pixel code is correctly installed on the relevant pages and that it’s effectively tracking the actions you care about.

Contact us today and make sure you are making the most of every dollar you put into your Facebook advertising!

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