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Written by The Marketing Team November 27, 2018

Four quick tips to online advertising at Christmas

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Christmas is a special (and magical) time of the year. And not just for families and shoppers – but for businesses too! But the issue is, unlocking the magic in your online advertising campaigns isn’t always simple. Our latest eBook gives you a step-by-step approach to doing just that, and this blog post is an extract from that eBook.

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Here are 4 quick tips to making the most of your online ad spend this Christmas, no matter your industry or advertising goals:

1. Retarget

Reachy_RETARGETING (2)Starting your campaigns early is absolutely crucial. Not only will it fit with the way people are shopping today (researching for longer periods of time, across channels, before purchasing), it will also enable you to make the most of retargeting closer to big shopping days.

Did you know an astounding 97% of people who visit your website are not going to purchase the first time? And that’s why retargeting is so important! People who have visited your website are already engaged with your business and have taken a small action which potentially shows a level of purchase intent. They’ve effectively qualified themselves as a potential customer, and have left a ‘digital trail’ in their wake. Using this trail, and the clues they have already provided you about their preferences and interests, you’re now able to continue the sales ‘conversation’ with them, rather than starting from scratch.

To ensure you’re making the most of retargeting, build it into your strategy! Ensure you have the Facebook Pixel and correct Google tags set up, for example, and don’t let qualified traffic slip through your fingers!

2. Take learnings from Black Friday campaigns (& previous Christmas campaigns)

ReachA bit of a no-brainer here, but ensure you do a proper analysis of previous holiday season campaigns. What worked and what didn’t? Did you meet your goals or fall short? If you were disappointed by previous results, what could have been the drivers of the lack of success? Remember: the definition of insanity is repeating the same processes over and over, and expecting different results!

3. Think outside the box with creatives

Creatives are especially important in advertising around key holidays like Christmas. People are ready to celebrate and many are looking to brands to inspire them and to lift up the Christmas spirit! Strong creatives, no matter the network, are important to help you stand out from the crowd. Don’t just do the same old – think creatively and do something different, to really stand out!

Screenshot 2018-11-27 at 16.00.17-016528-edited-043066-edited

4. Outsource your campaigns?

Are you just getting ramping up your online advertising investment? Or maybe you’re already giving it a big focus, but aren’t too sure how to go to the next level and start seeing big results? If you haven’t been ‘WOWed’ in a while by the campaigns you’re running, you could be missing something.

Our Managed Service option could be for you if you:

ARE EXPERIENCING SEASONAL RUSH: Christmas is coming up and you need more  grunt behind your campaigns. There’s a lot of examples of times this has been useful for our existing self-service clients, who were able to use our Managed Service team for specific busy times during the year. We are now able to provide a packaged-offering for these special holiday campaigns.

ARE LOOKING TO SCALE: You’re scaling your business and need a dedicated person to take care of social advertising campaigns, but don’t want to hire internally yet.

ARE UNDER-STAFFED: Someone in your team is leaving, or there’s too much work, and you need temporary help.

MS team final

Our Managed Service team is made up of performance marketing experts who manage the A-to-Z of social advertising campaigns for our clients. From strategy, to implementation, to optimization and reporting, our clients trust us to consistently achieve their objectives.

Our Christmas Ho-Ho-How to Guide

Our Christmas 2018 eBook is a step-by-step guide to ensuring your online advertising is the best it can be this Christmas! As you flick through the pages of our downloadable PDF you’ll learn:

  • MMR_LandingPage_CHRISTMAS2018What technical integrations you’ll need in place before you get started (and how to get them sorted).
  • Why it’s important to get started early.
  • How to build the right audience, and fully leverage retargeting to drive people down the marketing funnel.
  • Why ‘keeping it local’ matters (especially in retail) and how to do this effectively in your online advertising.
  • What makes a great ad creative at Christmas.
  • How to optimize your campaigns as they evolve.

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