Written by Kathryn Peake June 25, 2020

Havas and Paragone expand partnership to drive more meaningful social campaigns

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Today’s media landscape has shifted, and the changes that are happening have only accelerated with the current global pandemic. The way media agencies plan, buy, and measure has been transformed—and driving meaningful social campaigns matters now more than ever.

To help advertisers succeed in this media landscape, we’ve developed a 360° advertising platform that unifies social channels and services and is built on a thorough understanding of the consumer.

An expanded partnership with Havas

havas logoHavas has been a Paragone partner for the past 3 years. Now, they have decided to expand that partnership to unify social channels and services, as well as deliver meaningful social campaigns for clients and their consumers.

Paragone helps support the Havas Media experience methodology by delivering benefits along all the stages of a brand campaign process. The agile, scalable solution replaces the complex, time-consuming, and costly layers of multiple point-to-point solutions, with an efficient, streamlined alternative that works across the entire funnel.

What our partner says

james gyngell“The consumer is changing, and the expectations are high for creating a seamless experience,” said James Gyngell, Global Managing Director of Partnerships at Havas Media Group.

“We’ve been impressed by Paragone’s ability to analyze audience insight and create relevancy for our digital efforts in the current media landscape. The Paragone Brand Advertising Platform will allow us to handle this more seamlessly than before. Our deeper relationship enables us to spend more efficiently and track our outcomes and KPIs with sophisticated automation. Our clients know that the best strategy today is to create a meaningful experience using the most accurate intelligence available to us and Paragone is the ideal partner to deliver this.”

Read the full press release on our partnership here.

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