Written by The Marketing Team December 18, 2018

Introducing the ultimate guide to united online advertising

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Once upon a time, marketers believed the customer journey was linear. And, years ago, maybe there was a lot of truth to that. But today, with the exponential growth in the number of marketing channels and options for consumers, the customer journey has changed dramatically.

But never fear! We’ve written an ebook to help you unite your online advertising, and reach the modern consumer in a way that fits how they search for products and services today.

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A 3D customer journey

MMR_Blog_1080x1080_ONLINE-AD-UNITEDNo matter the industry, the customer journey today is a 3-dimensional one, zig-zagging from one network to another, and involving a succession of touch points, usually driven by the consumer. The buyer has the power today, and we all know that in theory. But does your marketing strategy today align with this fundamental shift in power?

In terms of your advertising activity online, it’s time to get realistic. A single ad click, on one network in isolation, never leads to purchase. It’s not that simple. So why do we often pretend that it is?

The ultimate guide to united online advertising

It’s time to view your online advertising activity as a whole! And that’s the purpose of our latest eBook – to invite you into a new way of looking at your advertising online, and give you practical strategies to unifying your campaigns for better results.

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  • The value of social ads and search ads in isolation
  • Each of the major networks and their specific strengths: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat and Twitter
  • Some key reasons why social and search advertising are stronger together
  • An example of how the modern consumer moves seamlessly between online channels, on their journey towards making a purchase
  • 4 practical tips to uniting your online advertising activity.

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