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Written by The Marketing Team May 17, 2018

Level-up your social media with LIVE video: an interview with Mireille Ryan

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We all know video plays a huge role in social media these days. Live video, as part of that, has also seen a lot of growth in importance in the last few years. Online Live video goes back quite a few years now, with YouTube having launched their live service as far back as 2011.

facebook-live-logoHowever, Live only truly became a social format in 2015 when Periscope, who were quickly acquired by Twitter, launched their application. Facebook quickly followed suit, launching Facebook live in late 2015. Since then a whole host of other networks have joined and Live video has become an important format in social media content.

Facebook user’s, specifically, have tuned into more than 3.5 billion broadcasts since the launch of Facebook Live, with the daily average view-time doubling year over year. And crucially, Facebook has said that nearly 2 billion people have watched a Facebook Live broadcast since their inception.


Mireille Ryan on LIVE VideoThe latest episode of our ‘Hello Social Ad-dicts’ podcast covers the topic of Live video on social! Our 20-minute deep-dive features the wise words of Mireille Ryan, CEO at the Social Media Marketing Institute, who was kind enough to participate in this interview episode.

Mireille has a background in the fitness industry, when she started businesses and learnt first-hand the importance of communicating through content and social media to reach her ideal audience. The skills Mireille has learnt in the digital marketing space are all a result of practical experience in her own companies.

Mireille’s¬†passion for social media led her to establish the Social Media Marketing Institute – a membership, education and professional development organisation for the Social Media Industry.

Listen to this episode to learn:

  • Why Live video on social has taken off as a content format recently
  • How Live video can help your brand build an authentic and open dialogue with your audience
  • The way to approach Live video, compared to edited video
  • Which social network to choose for Live video, and the differences between them – e.g. Facebook, Periscope, Instagram, YouTube
  • What advertising might look like with Live video in the future
  • Questions you should be asking yourself before diving in to Live video.

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