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Written by Marketing Team May 22, 2019

MakeMeSell event: leveraging online ads for retail success

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In retail, businesses are constantly seeking to attract new customers to generate more sales and drive growth. We know that today’s customers are online – a recent study found that 88% of consumers pre-search their purchases online before making a purchase in-store or online – so smart digital advertising is key to meeting those goals.

But figuring out the best approach to digital advertising can be a challenge. What capacities does each network offer? Which ones should you include in your ads strategy? And what are the best practices across networks?

partner logosParagone, in collaboration with IPMARK, hosted an event in Madrid on June 13 to answer these questions.

Representatives from four major networks presented the key features on their platforms that enable retail success, from audiences to ad formats to following conversions, and answer all your questions. We heard from:

  • Jos’e9 Mar’eda Gonzalez – Client Partner, Vertical Retail @ Facebook
  • Carlos Garc’eda Moreno-Torres – Channel Sales Strategic Partner Manager @ Google
  • Julio Simal – Sales Director @ Snapchat
  • Aleix Casals – Sales Executive @ Twitter
  • Marcelo N’fa’f1ez – Spain Country Manager @ Paragone

We discussed what you need to know build a cross-network strategy and continue to scale your retail business with online ads!

You can watch a short video recap of the event:

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