Written by The Marketing Team October 17, 2019

Introducing our guide to the marketing agency of the 2020s and beyond

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If anything remains constant in marketing, it’s consistent change and evolution. Consumer habits, technology, and the way we consume media have always driven changes in the way advertisers reach customers. Go back many decades, and print advertising was the way to speak to customers, before radio and then television disrupted the way we advertised.

The biggest shift of all has been towards digital, which has completely overhauled the world of advertising in a way that is far more monumental than any of the changes that have come before it. We’ve written an eBook that looks into changes in the industry and how agencies are responding.

The marketing agency of today—and tomorrow

meeting 1Agencies have long held a key position in the world of advertising and have evolved alongside shifts in technology and consumer habits. They have come a long way from the so-called Golden Age of advertising.

But even for the most digitally minded agencies, keeping up with the rapid pace of change can be a challenge. The way marketing agencies must operate to fulfil the needs and expectations of their clients are changing all the time. Shifts are happening in media channels, in the way customers are inspired and shop, in what customers expect from brands, and more. On top of this, we’ve seen the arrival of countless advertising technology solutions.

With all of these concurrent changes happening, now is a definitive time for agencies. What should the focus of agencies be today and into the future? Where can the agency of tomorrow add value?

Our eBook

Our eBook is your resource for understanding the impact evolving technology is having on agencies today, as well as the opportunities and challenges they are facing. Our guide also covers:

  • MMR_LandingPage_AGENCIESAn overview of the agency market and the types of agencies today
  • A brief history of marketing agencies
  • Why the agency world is changing
  • The factors driving change for today’s agencies, from new competition to evolving consumer habits
  • The 7 characteristics of the full-service agency of the future
  • How Paragone acts as a strategic partner to agencies, with case studies on our work with agencies.

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