Written by the Marketing Team, December 2, 2022

Paragone Product Updates: Just in Time for the Holidays.

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Behind the scenes at Paragone, we’re constantly working to add value to your social advertising metrics. In this blog post, we take you through new features that will help you drive better performance across all the networks, and deliver the best tool for boosting your holiday sales via social media.

Recently, we’ve rolled out a bunch of new features and improvements, and we didn’t want to keep the most important news for ourselves.

Read on to see what’s new and improved on the Paragone platform.

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Automation & Customization Tools Menu.

We’ve reorganized our various capabilities under one menu, called “Tools”. This contains all our automation & customization features. 

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to managing your media buying activity is the amount of time and effort it takes to do so.

It’s not uncommon for a media buyer to spend hours every week on manual tasks like updating their campaign settings, monitoring performance, and even creating email campaigns.

At Paragone, we understand this problem and have created several tools that can help you automate and customize your reporting to improve your overall performance. Whether you’re looking for a tool that will allow you to understand your performance better or just need something that will make your life easier – We have everything necessary to become a media buyer expert!

You can find the Tools menu in the header of the platform.


Optimization – Create advanced rules to automate your campaign optimization. You can set up strategies to pause campaigns, change the budget, update bids, and more, on any number of conditions (by metric, by the time of day, etc.)

Naming Strategy – Create templates based on dynamic or manual placeholders, to automatically name your campaigns, ad sets, and ads. We recommend using it to support our Labeling strategy.

Tracking StrategyAutomatically add parameters to your URLs or add a redirection URL in your posts. This also enables a few 3rd party integrations such as Google Analytics.

Labeling StrategyLabel your campaigns, ad sets, and ads any way you want, allowing you to group your data however you see fit, based on naming rules.

Auto-PromoteCreate rules to promote organic posts and push to existing campaigns based on parameters such as CTR, time passed, etc.

Schedule ReportsView all the reports that were sent by email due to scheduling from widgets.


Custom ColumnsCreate customized metrics based on our available metrics.

Label NamesView & Create label names to be used in your reports our your labeling strategies. 

BrandsUsed to group several ad accounts under one entity, so it can be viewed in your reporting or the campaign calendar. 

Additional settingsFurther settings such as changing currencies, decimal points, and more.

New preset dashboards & visualization.

We’ve revisited our preset dashboards collection and created brand new ones, with further details on each, including the ability to filter them by your role (Executive, Manager, or Media Buyer).

Under the reporting tab – to the left – you will see a list of opened dashboards. This is also where you’ll be able to create your own by clicking on Add new.

Here, you can choose to select one of our available dashboard templates or create a new one using the “Empty Dashboard” Template.

Create a dashboard by selecting a template

Depending on your need, selecting a template might be a good option to very quickly get insights from your running advertising campaigns. Any dashboard generated from a template will remain fully customizable to fit your needs.

You also have the option to filter the available templates based on your position in the organization (Executive, Manager, or Media Buyer)

Available Templates

Empty Dashboard – Create a blank dashboard

Brand Engagement – Understand how your audience is reacting to your ads, across networks & countries.

Business Overview – Get a high-level overview of your advertising activity across the various networks. Define KPIs and business metrics to generate daily insights.

GEO Analysis – See your ad performance across the different countries, understanding hidden opportunities.

Team Management – View your team’s performance across their various accounts. Understand how to shift ownership between team members and recognize strengths & weaknesses. (Prerequisite – Creating a “Team” label)

Creative Analysis – Understand how your creative performance across all channels, whether it’s by their visual, messaging, or any other component of the creative.

Campaign Management – View detailed information on your campaigns, analyze performance, and perform actions on any level of the campaign.

New cross-channel categories of metrics.


  • Basic
  • Clicks
  • Other


  • Post
  • Page (Profile)
  • Video

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