Written by The Marketing Team September 4, 2018

Reaching Gen Z Audiences:
The Ultimate Guide

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Generation Z  those born in the mid-90s through to at least the mid 2000s may not loom as large as Millennials on your company’s radar, but they are the next wave of customers.

Having said that, for many brands, Gen Z is already the main customer, which makes knowing how to reach and engage them on social media critical for long-term business success.

The problem is that this young generation can be perplexing and hard to define. Fluidity of lifestyle and priorities mean they don’t respond to traditional marketing like Gen X, and they aren’t as concerned with labels and experiences as Millennials.

That’s why we have put together a new eBook entitled ‘The Ultimate Guide to Reaching Gen Z on Social Media‘.


MMR Gen Z ebookDownload our guide and discover:

  • What makes this younger generation so different, even from Millennials
  • What Gen Z care about more than the rest of us
  • Why authenticity, collaboration and complex storytelling are so important in reaching Gen Z individuals
  • Why some of the myths we believe about Gen Z aren’t true
  • Insights about Gen Z’s media consumption and social media habits
  • Tips and best-practices to reaching Gen Z audiences with ads on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


In our thoroughly researched eBook, get the insight and analysis you need to start speaking Gen Z’s language in your social advertising campaigns.

One thing is for sure: simply cutting and pasting the same messaging, creatives, campaigns and approaches you’ve used for other generations won’t cut it!

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